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Live Feature Film Screenings

Opening Film Friday September 8th at 530pm in the Martello Suite

Dublin Crust

Dublin Crust

Worn Out, Played Out, Strung Out. 10 Years after Punk band Crust split up the band members lives have fallen apart. Drummer Bonehead has just been released from prison and sets about reforming the band for one last show.

Written and Directed by Baz Black

Produced by Emma Ray

Running Time 100 Mins

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Friday September 8th at 8pm in the Martello Suite

The Northside Shtory

Northside Shtory

The Northside Shtory is a mockumentary set in the present day life of Dublin's inner-city.

Written and Directed by Jordan Lennon

Produced by Jackson Lennon

Running Time 90 Mins

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Saturday September 9th at 630pm in the Martello Suite

The Tale Of Billy O'C

The Tale Of Billy O'C

The Tale of Billy O'C is an Irish crime thriller strongly focused on an unpredicatble plot with twists, keeping the audience wanting to know what happens next. It's a story of vilification, family dedication, redemption and a desire for peace. Set in a small village in Count Kilkenny, Ireland in 1975, it unfolds with a backdrop of an IRA safe house and small-town politics.

Written and Directed by Paul Harris

Produced by Shane O'Keefe

Running Time 100 Mins

Saturday September 9th at 830pm in the Martello Suite

The Irish Mob

The Irish Mob

Crime boss, Val Fagan, tells the story from his perspective of the dark world of gangland Dublin. After being tasked to help fund a drug shipment, Fagan and his gang successfully carry out a cash depot robbery. However, Fagan’s activities come under intense scrutiny and pressure from a team of Garda detectives. To make matters worse, Fagan must also deal with the threat of an emerging psychotic criminal. With the increased pressure and harassment from the detectives, and a gangland feud brewing, Fagan's behaviour becomes irrational and cracks begin to appear in his criminal empire.

Written and Directed by Patrick McKnight

Produced by Rob McCarthy

Running Time 79 Mins

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Sunday September 10th at 630pm in the Martello Suite

The Feature

The Feature

After being rejected over and over again by producers/investors, a group of misfits decide to get together and make the movie on their own.

Directed by Ian Adams

Written by Ian Adams and Joe Reid

Produced by Ryan Hennessy

Running Time 97 Mins

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Sunday September 10th at 730pm in the Martello Suite

Suit Hung Tied Tongue

Suit Hung.  Tied Tongue.

When two brothers become anarchically radicalised against the state, the fallout from their crimes brings national outrage, disgust and support.

Written and Directed by Sau Dachi

Produced by Sau Dachi, Jane L. Tobin & Michael Earley

Running Time 94 Mins

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