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Underground Cinema recognizes the crucial role that a First Assistant Director (AD) plays in the making of an independent film. Despite their pivotal contribution to the filmmaking process, First ADs are often overlooked at award ceremonies worldwide. This is set to change in 2024.

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new award category: Best First Assistant Director.

Roles of a First Assistant Director:

  • Scheduling: Creating and managing the shooting schedule.

  • Coordination: Ensuring smooth communication between all departments.

  • Safety: Overseeing on-set safety and ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • Time Management: Keeping the production on time and on budget.

  • Problem-Solving: Addressing and resolving any issues that arise during filming.

  • Crew Management: Leading the crew and managing logistics on set.


The Rules

  • Open to 1st AD’s who have worked on an Independent Irish Film Production.

  • The award is for work by a 1st  AD for either on a short or feature film.

  • The submission can be made by the Director or Producer of the Production

  • A 1st AD can nominate themselves

  • Productions must have been completed no earlier than 2022.

  • Key details of the 1st AD’s work musdt be included in the submission.

  • Must have been screened at an Underground Cinema monthly screening.

  • Submissions must be made by September 1st 2024.


How to Nominate a First Assistant Director:

If you are an independent film director or producer and wish to nominate your First AD for this prestigious award, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Our Website: Go to the Underground Cinema website and navigate to the First AD Award page.

  • Fill Out the Form: Provide the name of the First AD you wish to nominate and explain why they deserve the award.

  • Submit: Complete the submission form and send it in.

  • Your submission is treated in the strictest confidence.


Selection Process:

All submissions will be carefully reviewed by our panel of judges. From these submissions, a shortlist of five nominees will be selected. The list of nominees for the Best First Assistant Director award will be announced alongside the full list of nominees for this year’s awards ceremony.

Good Luck!

We are excited to honor the dedication and hard work of First Assistant Directors in the independent film industry. We look forward to your nominations and to celebrating the achievements of these essential team members at this year's Underground Cinema Awards.  Good luck to all the nominees!

1st AD Nomination Form

The first assistant director is just so important that the choice of that person is critical to the movie.

John Frankenheimer

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