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Cosplayer of the Year

Attention all cosplay enthusiasts and creative minds! We invite you to take part in our cosplay competition, where the title of Cosplayer of the Year awaits you. Feel at ease as we offer a secure and private space for your transformation into captivating characters. What's more, each and every participant will enjoy an exclusive photo session with our skilled photographers, capturing your remarkable costumes in all their glory. Following the festival, these photos will be readily available for download to all entrants.

Competition starts at 3pm Sunday September 10th in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire.


In order to participate, all contestants are required to either register online or between 11am and 2pm on the day of event at the registration desk.  Registration Fee is €10.  


The contest will adopt a fashion show-style presentation. A spirit of creativity is warmly encouraged during your stage time. Impressively dynamic poses are sure to garner positive attention.


For safety reasons, all potentially dangerous objects that could be construed as weapons are strictly prohibited within the event premises. Replica Cosplay weapons will be checked at the registration desk

We uphold a standard of appropriateness in all costumes and actions. It's essential to remember that this event is tailored for families!


Cosplayer of the Year Engraved Trophy

Other prizes may be added


Our dedicated team of skilled photographers will be present throughout the day, capturing cool photos of you in your meticulously crafted costumes. These photographs will be uploaded to our website, ensuring you access to them shortly after the festival concludes.

Cosplay Registration Form

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Thanks for registering, we will be in touch soon!

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