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Winners Of The Best Short Film Award & Best Feature Film Award
2010 -2023

At Underground Cinema we have been privileged to screen some of the most outstanding independent short films from around the world. Each year, we recognize the very best of these films with our most prestigious award: Best Film.

These films have captivated audiences with their exceptional storytelling, innovative filmmaking techniques, and powerful performances. They have left a lasting impression on all those who have seen them and have helped to push the boundaries of what short filmmaking can achieve.

As we look back over the years, we are proud to have presented this award to some truly remarkable films. These films have inspired us, challenged us, and entertained us, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to showcase them at Underground Cinema.

To all the filmmakers who have received this award, we extend our warmest congratulations and our deepest gratitude for sharing your talent with us. Your films have enriched our festival and have helped to raise the profile of independent short filmmaking around the world.

Wall Of Honour

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