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October Screening

Underground Cinema - Season IV - Screening 1. The Kingston Hotel Dun Laoghaire, Thursday October 25th at 730pm - Admission €6.00

All Around The Town

by The Rattling Kind

Music Video

Directed by Anthony Downes

Running Time 4 Mins

The Dead Story 

A gothic horror story narrated in two different times by Samuel, who tells us how he met Isabel, a supernatural person, and how his life changed after meeting her.

Written and Directed by Fau Mateu

Running Time 15 Mins

Out of the Blue

This is a bittersweet comedy about finding friendship when it is least expected.

Written and Directed by Katherine Murphy

Running Time 11 Mins

Its A Wonderful Death

Big Salad Productions & Snugboro Films

A suicidal man gets a new lease on life after hearing the world is about to end.

Written by Pat Connolly & Paul O'Rourke

Directed by Liam Upton

Running Time 10 Mins


One Shot Entertainment

The world has ended over 6 weeks and is now ran by Undead Zombies who are infecting people. A group of survivors lead by Franky make their way towards an old abandoned factory as it holds some food and water. Documented by another survivor we see the group come to battle with the undead as they fight to survive.

Written and Directed by Stepehn Patrick Kenny

Running Time 10 Mins


An Open Window Film

Trevor Barrett, a single father down on his luck, finds romance on the internet .

Written & Directed by Dave Thorpe

Running Time 5 Mins

He Moved Through The Fair

Trench Entertainment

Mick was a simple man, never spared a thought for yarns.  Fairies?  Pah!  Stories to scare children.  Yet this man, with no time for superstition, finds himself facing a nightmare he can scarely believe.

Written by Martin Rochford & John Hennesey

Directed by John Hennesey

Running Time 13 Mins

Bad Karma

BHS Pictures

Katherine tries to let go of Peter her ex boyfriend. She breaks up with Andy who she's been dating.  Katherine soon realises her decision has cause to haunt her present.

Written and Directed by Stephen Brady

Running Time 11 Mins

Two Margaritas and One Daiquiri

Margarita Films

Three girls with a very particular way to have fun when going out...cause going for a drink doesn't mean the same thing for everybody.

Written by Carmen Reig & Carmen Llabata

Directed by Carmen Reig Llabata

Running Time 14 Mins

The Arrival

Rising Film Productions

Michael and John have been married for two years and are ready to take the next step into fatherhood.  Having failed to adopt a baby through all the legal routes, Michael discovers a website where pregnant women sell their babies

Written by Lynn  Rafferty - Directed by Christian Kotey

Running Time 16 Mins



Oddity is a story about Alex, a young teenager who is juts now ready to 'come out' to his parents.  He soon finds he must learn to cope with prejudgements about his sexuality in a world where prejudice is rife.

Written and Directed by Eoghann McEntee

Running Time 8 Mins

Dead Tiger

Revelations Films

Three youths, stricken by poverty, try desperately to find a bit of money any way they can in order to survive. But when Sean, the lead of our film, resorts to violently robbing a drug dealer, their friendships are put to the test, and their safety is quickly put in peril. 

Written and Directed by Brian McDonnell

Running Time 26 Mins