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The 14th Underground Cinema International Film Festival & Comic Con

Welcome to the 14th Underground Cinema Film Festival and Comic Con! 

Embark on a journey into the heart of independent filmmaking and the vibrant world of pop culture. In an era where technology grants unprecedented access to filmmaking tools, a rising tide of creative filmmakers are finding their voice through the art of cinema, using it as a conduit for profound expression and boundless exploration of creativity.
Within this year's submissions, a tidal wave of originality and distinctiveness has surged forth.  We look forward to unveiling a new generation of adventurous filmmaking, where innovation knows no bounds. These films aren't just stories; they are immersive experiences that challenge, provoke, and transport you to the future of cinematic storytelling.

At the heart of our festival lies a dedication to showcasing the very Best of Irish and International indie filmmaking. Over the years, we've witnessed a remarkable evolution, with filmmakers harnessing their creative prowess to deliver cinematic gems that leave audiences awestruck. The standard of storytelling and craftsmanship has consistently reached new heights, and this year's lineup is no exception.

We have selected over 100 films that span genres, styles, and cultures. Our program promises a journey that will immerse you in a kaleidoscope of emotions and perspectives, drawing you into narratives that challenge, entertain, and provoke thought.
But the excitement doesn't stop there! Our Comic Con is back, and it's bigger and better than ever before. With a bustling marketplace featuring over 50 vendors, you'll find yourself surrounded by a treasure trove of comics, collectibles, and memorabilia that will delight enthusiasts of all ages. And for those who live and breathe cosplay, our competition awaits you – who will be crowned the Cosplayer of the Year 2023?.

Join us in celebrating the convergence of creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Whether you're a devoted cinephile, a comic connoisseur, or simply seeking a weekend of awe-inspiring entertainment, the 14th Underground Cinema Film Festival and Comic Con promises to be a fantastic experience for all.
See you there!

Dave Byrne
Festival Director 

Underground Cinema

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View Full Online  Program

You can view the full online program by clicking here.

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View Full Live Short Film Program

You can view the full short film program for live screenings here

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View Full Live Feature Film Program

You can view the full program for feature films that will be screened live here

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View Full Live Documentary Program

You can view the full program for documentary's that will be screened live here

Tickets, Film Programs and How It All Works


Live Screenings

You can buy tickets to any of our live screenings below.  Just scroll down to the Upcoming Live Screenings and you can purchased you tickets there


We've tried to keep this as simple as possible.    Below you will find four packages.  Traditionally at a live film festival you would buy a single ticket to see a feature or a single ticket to see a short film program consisting of 10 films for example.  Some of these packages give you access to specific programs and others give you access to everything.  Just choose the package that suits you

Online Screenings

You can purchase a package any time you want.  But you will not be able to access the films until 12pm Friday September 8th.  Once the festival opens on Friday you will be able to access the films you wanted to view for the full three days of the festival.  The Online Film page will be locked until the opening day of the festival.   Your package will activate automatically and is unique to you.  One thing to remember, you need to log in to this site when you're activating your package.  Online access will be locked once more at midnight on Sunday September 10th

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The Comic Con is back and larger than ever.  With a remarkable assembly of 50 exhibitors, as well as the Cosplayer of the Year Competition, this event promises unparalleled excitement for all the family. For more information, simply click the button below.

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