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Shtax - A Homecoming 

Aindrias de Staic has toured his award winning show “Around the World on 80 Quid” across the globe. Now he’s returning home to perform it for his friends and family, presenting him with a chance to reflect on his personal battles and changed perspectives. A talented musician and storyteller, Aindrias never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Written by Aindreas De Staic

Directed by John Murphy


                         Moore Street Masala - Directed by David O'Sullivan




Moore Street Masala

Convenience store clear Baba, falls for the sexy real estate girl across the street.  When he sells her lunch,  she steals his heart.  There is only one way their love can make it.  Bollywood Style!!!


Glynis Casson, Yare Michael Jegbefume, Deva Naidu, Alan O'Neill and Anna Wilson

Directed by David O'Sullivan

Running Time 5 Mins

                    Happy Birthday Timmy - Directed by Johnny Cullen

 Happy Birthday Timmy 

Timmy gets an inappropriate present from his father.


Written & Directed by Johnny Cullen


Liam McEvoy, Paul Nolan & Heather Nunberg

Running Time 3 Mins


                                Noreen - Directed by Domhnall Gleeson




Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland.  Frank is young and heartbroken.  Con is middle-aged and weary.  They’re both alone.  They’re both idiots.

Written and Directed by Domhnall Gleeson


Brendan Gleeson, Brian Gleeson, Gerard Byrne and Sean McCarthy

Running Time 18 Mins

                               The Moment - Directed by Paddy Slattery


The Moment

A visual telling of the final ten minutes of a mans life.  There are many obvious reasons why he seems unwilling to reinquish his life, however, his only motivation is the undying love between he and his wife.

Written & Directed by Paddy Slattery


Eamon Rohan, Claire Hilary, Mairin O'Donovan and Daniel J Dunne

Running Time 9 Mins


                             Rickshaw Rick - Directed by Robert Manson




Rickshaw Rick 

Ricky falls for a girl on his rickshaw. Discovering her handbag, he rushes to meet her in the Dublin night.

Written and Directed by Robert Manson

Starring Martin McCann & Karen Sheridan

Running Time 11 Mins

                                        Jericho - Directed by Liam Gavin




Recently widowed Franky Bannon can't cope.  He's sucidal.  Until his imaginary childhood friends return to show him that the world is beautiful.


Directed by Liam Gavin

Running Time 13 Minutes


                                Dental Breakdown - Directed by Ian Power




Dental Breakdown

A musical comedy about fice reluctant student dentists whose eyes are opened to the cruel consolations of their career by a sadistic tutor.  Warning: This May Hurt A Little!

Written by Dylan Cotter

Directed by Ian Power


Niall Buggy, David McSavage, Tara Blaise, Michelle Donnelly, Shane O'Neil, Mark Kilbride, Bern Deegan, Oddie Braddel, Keith Singleton, Ebenezeer Bamqbose, Amy Allen, Diane Richardson, Aimee Brennan, Caroline Power, Tia Doyle, Steve Wall, Kathy Malone, Maria Heydel, Joe Power & Martin Carey  

Running Time 6 Mins

                                     Cairdeas - Directed by Kevin Glynn


Friendship, a chess game, some things never end


Mick Lally, Eamonn Draper, Joe Greaney & John O'Dowd

Written & Directed by Kevin Glynn

Running Time 5 Mins

                               The Other Marty - Directed by Ian Lawton





The Other Marty  

"He got the right name but the wrong number."
Directed by Ian Lawton
Tom O'Leary and Steve Wilson
Running Time 14 Mins

                      Hand Held Horror Part 6 - Directed by David Freyne


Handheld Horror Part 6 

"When disaster strikes Geoff is there.. with a camera phone!"

Directed by David Freyne


John Lynn, Charlene Gleeson, Patrick Murphy, James Gavigan, Gary Murphy, Eleanor Tiernan, Eamonn Hearns & Ray Hyland

Running Time 5 Mins

                                    Tufty - Directed by Jason Butler




What if you knew where your Teddy Bear really came from?

Written & Directed by Jason and Brendan Butler


Luke Reilly, Una Kavanagh, Brendan McCormack and Brendan Conroy

Running Time 8 Mins


                          Free Chips Forever - Directed by Claire Dix


Free Chips Forever 

Becky and her Dad are invincible chip robbers. Nothing can stand in their way. Nothing that is except her brother Tom.


Written and Directed by Claire Dix


Abby Byrne, Donagh Deeney, Nuala Kelly, Fionn O'Shea

Running Time 11

                                   An Táin - Directed by Noel Brady

War, jealousy, love. These are the strengths the weaknesses of all

mankind. The strengths of CúChulainn the hound of Ulster, the

weakness of Ferdia. The love of Fiona. And the evil jealousy’s of

Queen Mebh of Connacht.

Based on the Irish mythological story “The cattle raid of Cooley” from the book “An

Táin”. The evil Queen Mebh, fueled with jealousy of her King-Husband’s most coveted

possession, the mighty “White Bull of Connacht”. She journeys to Ulster, to the land of

Macha, home of CúChulainn, to bargain for an even mightier bull, “The Brown Bull of Ulster”. Will she succeed? And what evil deeds, mind games and dark temptations will Queen Mebh do to gain that which she most desires!

Written and Directed by Noel Brady


Linda Teehan, Ciaran O'Grady, Richard Wall, Diane Jennings, Gerry Wade & John Smyth

Running Time 12 Mins