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Dreamers and Weepers

Hethwheel Pictures

Suffering in recession hit Ireland, Vicky allows financial trouble to determine the value of her marriage to Joe.  The fragile nature of their relationship is pushed to the limit with devasting consequences.


Pat Halligan, Orna Duggan,Ciara Halligan, Sarah McGrane & Philip Deane

Screenplay by Pat Halligan

Produced by Derek Wheeler and Pat Halligan

Directed by Derek Wheeler

Running Time 25 Mins


Click here to watch the trailer





A Phoenix Artz Production

Based on an ancient Zen parable, we join our hero int eh middle of his journey.  Corporal Sean Curtis, a US Marine separated from his platoon hides from the war that rages outside, only to be thwarted by an incoming missile, the blast of which knocks him to the ground unconscious.  Sean awakes, sitting opposite him is an armed Iraqi, his enemy.  But even from our perceived enemies we can learn the most valuable of lessons.  That even in this Hell that can be life, we always have the power of choice, and it is up to us what path we choose


Ciaran O'Grady, Deva Naidu & Amy Hastings

Written, Produced & Directed by Noel Brady

Running Time 16 Mins

Previous Screenings

Cork Corona Fastnet Festival


Best of Festival Nominee, Best Drama Nominee, Special Mention all at the Cork Corona Fastnet Film Festival

Click here to watch the trailer




The Debt Collector

Barbershop Triplet Productions

Following an assault at a local shop, a young electrician decides to take the law into his own hands against a cruel Dublin gangster.


Robbie Walsh, Paul Ward, Philomena Fitzpatrick, Slaine Kelly, Sean Flanagan, Walter Devereaux & Aidan Farrell

Written by Robbie Walsh

Produced by Robbie Walsh, Cathal Nally & Donal O'Connor

Directed by Cathal Nally

Running Time 15 Mins

Previous Screenings

Mid Ulster Film Fleadh '09, Galway Frige Fleadh '09, Cannes Short Film Corner




The Scanner

Arcadia Video

The Scanner is a sci-fi short film that is half live action and half animated.  The animation techniques used to bring it's many special effects to life are stop motion and light painting.  The film stars Michael Parle (Tin Can Man, Our Wonderful Home) as an alien who builds an unusual device to help him scan an area in search of a hidden craft that will take him home


Michael Parle

Written & Directed by Gerard Lough

Running Time 4 Mins

Previous Screenings

Irish Premiere


Bleeding Love


Bleeding Love tells the story of a nervous charity worker that donates blood every day in an attempt to get a date with the girl that works at the blood bank.

Bleeding Love stars Edwin Mullane. As well as being an experienced film actor, Edwin’s one man show ‘Whacker Murphy’s Bad Buzz’ played for 30 consective nights at the Edingurgh fringe festival. Nicole Elizabeth has appeared in RTE’s ‘Project Ha Ha’ and Jim Roche is a regular on ‘Killinaskully’.


Edwin Mullane, Nicole Elizabeth & Jim Roche

Written & Directed By Ged Murray

Running Time  10 Mins

Previous Screenings

Lighthouse Cinema and Galway Fringe Fleadh


God and Napoleon

Elzorrero Films

James Farrell lives in Rathnally Co. Meath. He's a farmer and shares his house with just his cats. God and Napoleon is a portrait of James, a deeply religious man and an outsider in his community.

Directed by Ciaran Deeney

Running Time 10 Mins

Previous Screenings

Stranger than Fiction FF, Clones Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh


Jury Prize Stranger than Fiction FF, Special mention Galway Film Fleadh

Click here to watch the trailer





Southernman Films

'Tunnel' is the new short film from Cork based Southernman Films and StormVids/StormLight Pictures.

Written and Directed by Patrick O'Shea, 'Tunnel' is a dark, gripping thriller about the dangers of technology and modern day consumerism.


Mary-Louise McCarthy, James Browne, Pascal Scott, Jody O'Neill, Declan Patrick, Nuala Fitzgerald

Written & Directed by Patrick O'Shea

Running Time 11 Mins

Irish Premiere

Click here to watch the trailer


2 Nights

The Film is a tale of mis-adventure. It is West side story set in the West of Ireland. The love of Rob and Julie is contrasted with the hatred of the two families. It is unfortunately a realistic representation of the activities over any weekend in many towns in Ireland at the present day. Unlike the musical and in sympathy with the original Shakespearian version this film has a dark ending.


Mark McCormack, Mairin Hayes, Regina ni Halpin, Donna Patrice, Alan Casey, Ceri Staunton, Eoin Galagher, James Conway, Jake McNally, Matthew Connelly, Brian Rafferty, Kieran Flanagan, Patrick Flanagan, Michael O'Hanlon, Tony Merrigan, Ken Connolly, Gary Hogan, Rose Merrigan, Robert Rosbottom & Damian Wade

Directed by Kevin Glynn Written by Kevin Glynn & Donna Patrice Reddy

Running Time 15 Mins

Previous Screenings

Galway Fringe Fleadh '09


The Man in the Boot

The story unfolds in rural Ireland, when two friends who stumble across an Adolf Hitler impersonator, alive and well and living in the boot of their car. The adventure begins when they abduct the man and take him out to the mountains to be shot. However, they get more than they bargained for and find out more about their friendship and about the mysterious man in the boot.


Patrick Murphy, Thornston Braun & Anthony Kinsella

Written & Directed by Anthony Kinsella

Produced by Niall O'Connor

Running Time 17 Mins

Previous Screenings 

Galway Fringe Fleady '09

Click here to watch the trailer




Out of Tune

Sad Mantra Productions

Shot on location in Offaly and Mullingar, "Out of Tune" is a 25 minute short film set in a restless suburban town. The film tells the story of a young struggling musician named Steve (Offaly native Damien Farrell), who is down on his luck after being rejected by judges on the Irish version of "X-Factor".

He decides to quit chasing his dreams, but finds it"s not that simple to just walk away from music, which is his life


Damien Farrell, Una Kirwan, Wayne Brennan, Damien Mitchell, Terry Fahy, Olga Aughey, Martina Bracken, PJ Deering, John Slattery, Damien Cahil & Guest Appearance by The Aftermath

Written and Directed by Paddy Slattery

Running Time 25 Mins

Previous Screenings

Tullamore Court Hotel


The Dinner Party

Meaningless Movies

A little Dinner but little does he know Stephen is serving up a very special dish. He'll never forget this Dinner Party!

Starring & Directed by

John Doran and Stephen Colfer

Running Time 3 Mins


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