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                                      Underground Cinema Part II


Boy Soldier


Boy Soldier tells the story of a young boy who refuses to bond with his dad. Things change when a trip to the paintball range takes a turn for the surreal.

Was selected by FáS/Filmbase to be scored by the RTE
concert orchestra and mixed in Ardmore Sound


Imralis Dugast, Kevin McDonagh, Benjamin Musgrave, Flynn Keist & Colm Purcell

Written and Directed by

Ged Murray

Running Time 7 Mins

Irish Premiere


Movers and Shakers

A Phoenix Artz Production

Movers and Shakers was written and produced by Brian Stynes and Noel Brady. This was the first fully produced short film that was directed by Noel. We follow the adventures of James Finalayson (Blayne Kelly) and Seanie Seapail (Sean O’Hara) as they battle it out with earth shattering consequences.

In 2005 this short four-minute film made it into numerous festivals both nationally and internationally. Including the Kerry Int. Film Fest, Cork Film Festival and Film Foil Festival in Sligo.

Starring Sean O'Hara and Blayne Kelly

Written and Directed by Noel Brady

Running Time 4 Mins



Lucky Escape

Du Film Makers in Association with Shane McCabe Films

When a high powered career
woman is asked on a romantic date by her boyfriend, she decides to end their relationship there and then.  Not content to let her man down gently, she goes in all guns blazing, prepared even to vent her spleen, but is she really prepared for the outcome?… 


Vanessa Keogh, Jose Mantero & Tomasz Rola

Written & Directed by

Shane McCabe

Running Time 4 Mins

Nominated for Soul Of Wit Award at 1st Annual MergingArts
Short Short Story Film Festival(USA) 2007







Southernman Films

'Penny' tells the story of a young teenage girl who discovers she is pregnant on the morning she is to sit her first leaving cert. exam.

'Penny' is an Independent Production


Mary-Louise McCarthy, Pascal Scott,Victor Burke, Ciara O'Callaghan and Martina Carroll.

Written and Directed by Patrick O'Shea

Running Time 15 Mins

Winner of the Best Drama at the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival




The Euthanizer


The Euthanizer is a black comedy about a man struggling to make a living by helping people kill themselves.
It was made by fourth year students of film and television Production in Dun Laoghaire IADT.

The film was shown as part of the IADT 2009 film graduate showcase which took place in the lighthouse cinema in Dublin.


Tommy O'Neill, Colin O'Donoghue, Dorothy Cotter, Michael Bates, Jordan Lee McGrath and Myles Breen

Written by Simon Doyle 

Directed by Ian Hunt Duffy

Running Time 13 Mins

Irish Premiere




Rogue Media

An aging working class man, down and out on his luck, looks around and sees a world he no longer recognises, his old stomping ground has changed and he is long forgotten.

The film was commissioned by the Dublin City Council as part of the International Guerrilla Videofest in February 2009. 


Rory Mullen

Written and Directed by Niall O'Connor

Running Time: 5 Mins





Arcadia Videos

A serial prowler makes a mistake on one of his nocturnal visits that will prove to be his downfall


Michael Parle, Fatima Flemming & Gabriel Logue

Written & Directed by

Gerard Lough

Running Time 12 Mins



A Paul Jon White Film

Mum is angry at Katie for
having such a messy room and orders Katie to clean it, however Katie soon balances the tables.


Fiona Birmingham, Rionagh Lombard & Winston Steadmore

Directed by Paul Jon White

Running Time 3 Mins

Irish Premiere





Shut the Fuck Up

Reasonably Shorts

"A kidnapping goes a bit wrong..."


Tom O'Leary, Steve Wilson & Nicole Murphy 

Directed by Ian Lawton

Running Time 3 Mins



Snow Escape

A Mark McAuley Film

Snow escape is a short
intense drama that captures a moment in the life of the main character Johnny as he struggles to make the right decision that could
ultimately lead to his redemption.

Yet making the wrong decision is so easy and can cause things to spiral beyond his control. Most people have  a good and a bad voice telling them what to do. Unfortunately for Johnny
all he can hear is the bad devil on his shoulder.


Mark McAuley, Abbey Smith & Gail Ferguson

Directed by Mark McAuley

Running Time 8 Mins



Barbershop Triplet Productions

A marathon poker game turns out to have higher stakes than the pot.


Eoin Macken, Robbie Walsh, Sean Flanagan, Kevin O'Brien, Kellie Blaise, Jeff Doyle.

Written and Directed

by Robbie Walsh 

Running Time 7 mins.

Festivals playedCannes Short Film Corner 200


Over My Dead Body

A Kevin McKeogh Film

Dan and Sean set out to attend the wake of an old friend, but upon arriving at the wake house, they immidiatly run into a spot of bother.


Pat Deery, Jim O'Neill, Carmel Allen, Rory McEvoy, Joe McCabe. Hugh O'Brien, Kevin McGeough, Paddy McGeough, Martin Markey, Eamon McKenna, Albert Cox, Cathleen Cox, Jacinta Cox

Written and Directed by

Kevin McGeough

Running Time 17 Mins


Ordinary Man

AJL Films

Jack and his brother Jimmy are owners of bog land and along with hired hand Davy slog away cutting the turf by day, but where Jack is a proud hard working man, Jimmy dreams of a better life in London and plans on leaving the land,but not without his share of the land's worth as he doesn't plan on ever coming back.

Jack is the older of the two and we see a man who's whole life work has been dedicated to the bog. Jimmy is younger and doesn't share the sense of  pride in a hard days work as we see him turn up late after Jack and Davy have done most of the hard work,and he isn't the most efficient of workers either. Jack almost takes Jimmy's leaving as an insult, this was presumably their parents land and Jack wants to keep their legacy alive by dedicating himself to the land they would have worked hard for. We see Jack despair, sitting alone at the bar while everybody celebrates

Jimmy's farewell and things take an even greater turn for the worse when Jimmy seeks legal counsel to claim his half of the land's value.


Brendan Cummins, Padraig J Dunne, John Maguire, Ivan O'Reilly, Akkie Kelly, Oliver Kearney, Tom Daniels, Theo Hogan, PJ Hogan, Fionnuala Dempsey, Trisha McKeon & Paddy Cummins

Written & Directed by Alan Lawlor

Running Time 13 Mins

Irish Premiere


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