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October 2012



Bad Reception

A Tillerman Production  

Bad Reception" is a quirky short film about Herbert, a man who just wants to watch his television set and John, a broadcaster who's job consists of grilling politicians  on television daily. Their two world's collide unexpectedly when Herbert experiences problems with his television set

Written and Directed by Kevin O'Dowd 

Starring Paul Lee, Colmcille Donnelly, Kaydee Joyce, Thomas Fitzgerald, Kelly Byrne, Brian Patrick Murphy, Adam Gray, Aoife Duffy & Philip Dalton   

Running Time 8 Mins



Kiss Kiss 

Dunsany Productions 

Celine Mansfield is looking for love, She meets what appears to be her ideal man
Daniel at a posh Chelsea bar in London. But what happens if your Mr. Right is no
knight in shining armor? Kiss Kiss is a cautionary tale loosely based on a lesserknown
urban legend. It’s a modern take on the age old story ‘how first
impressions can be deceiving’. Just as we teach our children, one really shouldn't
talk to strangers…

Written by Randal Plunkett and Helen Serruya

Directed by Randal Plunkett


Simone Walker, Nathan Ampofo, Jon Crowley, Jack Marsh, Helen Serruya & Randal Plunkett

Running Time 23 Mins



A Cormac Cavanagh Film

Holidays is a dark, comic drama about a 14-year-old girl who breaks into a house and confides in a dead man who has recently hung himself there. Disturbed following her mother’s death a few months previously, Tionne is unable to communicate with her whimsical sister Rozonda or her affected father who thinks he’s a rapper from the US. Throughout the summer holidays the isolated Tionne attempts to understand all that has happened by the time she goes back to school.

Written and Directed by Cormac Cavanagh

Tallulah Shulah Costello, Donal Courtney, Slaney Power, Mary Craddock, Sophie Knox

Running Time 23 Mins




Papas Boy 

Breakthrough Films

A young mouse dreams of being a dancer, but his family disapproves, until one day his dancing will save the day.

Written and Directed by Leevi  Lemmetty

Running Time 3 Mins



IADT/ Elk Films

Martin, an average man with a history of aggression has lost his family and struggles through life alone until his 15 year old daughter Laura, decides she wants to know him for herself.

Written & Directed by Seán Branigan


Gary Lydon, Leanne Kearney, David Cervi, Karl Argue, Luke Griffin, Andrew Clancy, David Carolan & Sam Denigan

Running Tim 17 Mins 




 Dutch Darkness

A Cel' Division Production

In Dutch Darkness we watch scenes that were often employed in Dutch paintings during the Golden Era.  Shot is pixilation this film tries to upset the placid and perfect setting which Dutch painting sought to achieve. It reveals the dark secret behind the Dutch Golden Era.

 Written and Directed by Steve Woods


Svetlana Sopcenko, Florence Poulima Welato & Sophie May

Running Time 5 Mins



Breaking News

Rooftop Basement Productions

news  (n z, ny z)

pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)

a. Information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio, or television.

b. A presentation of such information, as in a newspaper or on a newscast.

c. It Ain't News Until We Break It!


Written by Paul Henderson and Gar Daly

Directed by Paul Henderson



Gar Daly, Andrea Coyne, Nicci St George Smith, Kieran Duffy, Noel Duffy, Alan Sherlock, Ruth McGrath, Sandra Hickey, Jim Bowers, Aoife Nic and Paul Henderson


Running Time  20 Mins


  The Shed

IADT/Lagoon Pictures

Mary and Johnny - two Irish people caught in a war over a small turf shed that Mary needs finished and Johnny wants forgotten. There begins a series of hilarious tricks, insults and fooling around that can only end in disaster.

Featuring some of the most outrageous and colourful insults ever spoken, "The Shed" is Johnny and Mary's journey to discovering that although they drive eachother insane, life would be very boring without the other.

The time for Pádálin is well and truly over.
Written and Directed by Tommy Fitzgerald
Siobhan Keane, John Fraher, Ted Cronin, Ted McCarthy, John Connolly & Rory O'Mahoney
Running Time 13 Mins



Bored and isolated over his summer holidays a young boy called Julian takes solace in his relationship with his best friend Dave, that is until he kills him. When Julian accidentally overfeeds Dave the goldfish his world becomes fraught with guilt, grief and fear of being caught by his mother. When Julian secretly replaces Dave with a new fish he thinks his troubles are over but the fake Dave merely adds to his torment and his guilty delusions become more extreme.

Writtne and Directed by Rosie Pender


Tara Egan Langley and Cian O'Neill

Running Time 8 Mins