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November Program 2009

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                                    Underground Cinema Part III


Cardboard Boy


Cardboard Boy is a short, stop motion animated film which tells a harsh truth about life. The film revolves around a little boy playing in a cardboard box and using his innocent imagination to turn the box into all sorts of objects. It displays the power of one’s imagination and how children will always be children and will play and dream despite their background and situation.

Directed by Kelley O'SUllivan

Running Times 4 Mins


Prey Alone

 Fantastic Films

An NSA agent is on a determined hunt for an elusive, very dangerous fugitive.  His only leads are a reluctant witness held in a military prison and the words "prey alone" in a notebook.  Can he track him down and discover the true identity of this mysterious criminal?  The chase is on!


Ger Carey, Andy Moore and Kurt Savage

Written and Directed by James Mather and Stephen St Leger

Running Time 15 Mins


3 Bags Full

A DKIT production

Three crooks pull off a
bank heist. Not all goes to plan and the group become suspicious of each other as the Gardai close in on them.


Gerry Shanahan, Arron Stork, Billy Grant, Vincent Browning, Alan McMahon, Stephen Farrell, Nick Jackman, Eoin Delaney, Aishling Graham, Jude Stynes, Noel Delaney, Dean Thonpson, Tom Bowen, Matthew O'Brien and the Dundalk Airsoft Society

Directed by Tom Bowen

Running Time 17 Mins





2029 - Ireland is under a fascist religious dictatorship run by the Pope. Upholding the law are an elite squad known as the'Malice' clones. When a mad monk leads Malice-101 to question her superiors, it paves the way to the dictatorship's eventual downfall...


Ayse Leflef, Fiona Lalor, Edele O'Neill, John Collins, Paul Ward, Owen O'Callaghan, Tommy O'Neill, Rob Murphy, Michael Glynn, Maria Mollohan, Clodagh Dowling and Pamela O'Neill

Written and Directed by Timicuin Leflef

Running Time 24 Mins



Circus Porcelina 

Blue Hair Productions

Circus porcelina is a symbolic & theatrical piece is loosely adapted from the original Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. A young girl awakens from a prescient nightmare as her father sneaks into her room to rape her. Withdrawing back into the nightmare, she places herself in the character of her doll, Porcelina. Despite veiling her tainted innocence with make-up, she cannot escape from the Ghoulish Clown, the embodiment of her abusive father. Dragged to a nightmarish location, she is forced to endure his awful spectacle, and fights back by displaying pleasure for her demeaning captor


Paddy Dean, Aoife Lennon and Caitlyn McGoldrick

Written and Directed by Aaron O'Reilly

Running Time 9 Mins



 Tom Matthews Waiting for Goldfish

A Paddy Cahill Film

The short documentary "Tom Mathews, Waiting for Goldfish" filmed around his local Dublin habitats, is a quirky look at the character and the cartoonist who's work appears regularly in the Irish Times and many other publications.

 Directed by Paddy Cahill

Running Time 9 Mins



Jesus of Limerick 

Jesus and his Ma Mary are at a wedding, the liquid refreshments have all run out.  Can Jesus (address Limerick) pull off his first miracle?


Danny Ryan and Aine Corcoran

Written and Directed by        Demott Petty

Running Time 3 Mins



An Aoife Doolan Film

Flightless is a short, black and white film following a day in the life of a character living within a penguin suit. The suit creates a barrier between the character and reality, leaving the character to exist within the “in-between”. This playful story references the isolation that accompanies individuals suffer through lack or loss of identity and highlights the importance of acceptance and self-awareness.

Written and Directed by Aoife Doolan 

Running Time 8 Mins




Your One of Natures Gentlemen Productions

The ultimate blind date nightmare

Written and Directed by Jeff Doyle

Running Time 8 Mins




Deirdres Passion 

A Ger Considine Film

The Galway author Deirdre Manifold reflects on her life, a life which combined a facination with spirituality and a serious relationship with the enfant terrible of Irish literature, Patrick Kavanagh, who she dated in the early fifties.  Their relationship swung between chaotic and placid but was never dull.

This film provides some revealing insights into a wonderfully complex character

Directed by Ger Considine

Running Time 13 Mins



The Sign

Southernman Films

A short horror film


Rosin O'Donovan, Emmet Riabhaigh and Declan Patrick

Written and Directed by Patrick O'Shea

Running Time 2 Mins



Tunnel Kings

POW Productions

Set in a a German prisoner of war camp in 1944 where a
group of allied soldiers attempt to escape


Kevin McKeough, Seamus Walsh, Sverra Mollan, Derek Keating, Terry Warren, Ray Sullivan, Sean Callan, Jim O'Neill, Nicky Hoare, Roraidh Irwin, Darren Kerr and John Cox

Written and Directed by Kevin McKeogh

Running Time 17 Mins