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Nominations Nights

Nominations Night - Thursday August 17th at 715pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire
 Admission €6.00


Directed by Glenn Whelan

The story of an estranged sister who returns home to care for her dying brother.

Running Time 7 Mins

They Make You Grow a Beard

Directed by Anthony Kinsella

A young father must fight to save his son, when he finds out that his friends are being replaced by people with beards.

Running Time 12 Mins


Directed by Graham Cantwell
The film tells the story of Lily, a girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman.

Running Time 21 Mins


Directed by Paul Corey
A romance develops between Ann and Bob, but his bad habit of being continuously late is taking the excitement away and she feels taken for granted.

Running Time 15 Mins

Arc Raider

Directed by Rowan Pullen
The Arc is an ancient power that can restore life, lost in the cosmos for a thousand years, it has finally been located heading toward Planet Earth. The Exalipsi, a dying race responsible for the destruction of their own planet Athiem, have sent an elite Raider on a mission to retrieve the Arc before its power is discovered by the humanoids - but is he too late?

Running Time 16 Mins


Directed by Heather Grogan
Jason & Melissa are in the early stages of their relationship when they discover that Melissa is pregnant. We join them from her third month of pregnancy and witness the strain and emotional turmoil between them as we draw ever closer to Melissa's due date. o start editing. Use this space to describe your team members to visitors. Double click the images to choose one that represents what you are highlighting.

Running Time 7 Mins


Directed by Alannah Murray
Saoirse’s father, Oisín, is terminally ill and she must to come to terms with his illness as well as the idea that he will miss some of the biggest moments of her life. Tempus puts a simple question in the hands of its audience; what would you do if you knew you only had weeks to fit in a lifetime? 

Running Time 6 Mins

Kingdom of Crows - Despondency

Directed by Greg Byrne
Music Video

Running Time 4 Mins

Ringo Rocket Star and his song for Yuri Gargarin

Directed by Rene Nuijens
‘RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin' is a dry tragic musical comedy (short) film about a gipsy guy who does think he can be famous by writing a song for the first man in the space 'YURI GAGARIN'...

Running Time 10 Mins

Shallow Grave - Lorainne Nash

Directed by Nadine Henderson

Music Video

Running Time 3 Mins

The Confessional

Directed by Shane Conaty

After making a deal with a friend, a man returns to his childhood church.

Running Time 7 Mins

Just Saying 

Directed by Nick Need

A mother and son argue over sandwiches, mouth organs and forgiveness in this quintessentially British, black comedy.

Ewen Macintosh (The Office, The Lobster) and Carrie Cohen (Gnaw, Hellbreeder) star in this dramedy about love, loss and 47 plugs. Grace has lost her husband, Billy has lost his Dad...and his wife. Through guilt-tripping and embarrassing mouth organ music Grace hopes that she can drive Billy to repair his relationship with his wife in a way she'll never be able to with her husband.

Running Time 14 Mins

The Mime

Directed by David Kenny
A mime and a busker are persuaded to keep quiet after witnessing an accidental murder.

Running Time 15 Mins

Wooden Child

Directed by Joe Loftus
On his way home a man hits a child with his car, the wooden child.

Running Time 5 Mins

Oor Wally

Directed by Martin Lennon
Oor Wally (The Warrior) is a lighthearted documentary short film that follows Scotland's most unique mascot Wally the Warrior across an eventful football season. Wally also happens to be Eleanor, a mother of eight and and granny of seven. Every home game she wears the Wally costume with pride even though every season the team face another relegation battle. Click this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your team members to visitors. Double click the images to choose one that represents what you are highlighting.

Running Time 12 Mins


Directed by Declan Loftus
A young prodigious cello player suffers from severe sleep paralysis. To combat this lack of control in her sleeping life, she attempts to control every aspect of her waking life; to the detriment of her mind.

Running Time 13 Mins

Nominations for the 8th Underground Cinema Awards will be announced after the final screening of the night.

The categories this years are as follows:

Best Film
Best International Film
Best Student Film
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Production Design
Best Sound
Best Score
Best Make Up
Best Costume
Best Music Video
Best International Music Video
Best Comedy
Rising Star Award
Best Online Video

With regard to the awards themselves, the awards will be presented at our annual award giving ceremony in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire in November 2017 which is a ticketed event. Tickets for the event go on sale as soon as the full list of nominees are announced. Tickets are €70 and include a four course dinner, the awards ceremony and aftershow party. Nominees interested in attending must purchase their own tickets. if a nominee cannot attend and happens to win an award then we will ensure that the award gets to the winner shortly after the awards ceremony.

You can buy tickets to the 8th Underground Cinema Awards by clicking the button below