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   The County

Barbershop Triplet Productions 

The County is a rural tale of pettiness and jealousy that explains that some people are just beyond help.

Directed by Cathal Nally 


Gerry Shanahan, Christy Cole, Bernie Fitzgerald, Carla Mooney, Jeff Doyle, John Quinn & Michael Nally

Running Time 14 Mins




Music Video by Stand

Design For Life

Directed by Simon Daniels

Running Time 3 Mins

The Bouquet

Timesnap Films 

The bouquet represents a romantic impulse for the young man but could it mean something more for the assistant in the flower shop?


Simon Murphy & Nadine Rahimtoola

Directed by Declan Cassidy

Running Time 3 Mins



Time Passing 

Annville Films

An elderly hospital patient describes the excitement outside the window beside his bed, as the bored patient opposite him is forced to jealously listen on.

Based on a Story by Eileen Fallover

Directed by Robert Manson 


Pat Laffan, Bosco Hogan, Gail Fitzpatrick and Jim Roche

Running Time 10 Mins




Morton Films & Media

A man is desperately knocking on the front door to a house calling out the name ‘Niall!’  In the hallway lies broken crockery. Steam from an unattended whistling kettle begins to full the kitchen. The door to the bathroom is slightly ajar and Niall is lying on the floor in the foetal position mumbling incoherently to himself. Through a series of flashbacks we find out why he left the door of the latch and who the frothy milky coffee was meant for. We enter the disturbing world of a tormented soul.

Written & Directed by Maria Ann Hylton


Arts Kearns, Ian McElhinney, Carl Somers, Maeve McGowen

Running Time 15 Mins



A Michael Kelly Film

Glimmer tells the story of a couples happy moments when tragedy suddenly hits them. 

Written and Directed by Michael Kelly


Michael Kelly & Kim Campbell

Running Time 3 Mins




Turning Point 

AJL Films

Charlie has been out of work for some time now, but that is only the beginning of his problems. A demanding wife, a sick child and mounting bills, Charlie becomes disheartened and bewildered as he struggles to sees any kind of future ahead of him. Starring

Written & Directed by Alan Lawlor


John O'Sullivan, Kate Donoghue, Eamon Byrne, Orla Redmond, Troina Mahon, Padraig J Dunne, Jim Lawlor, Raymond S Kinsella, Marie Daly & Dervilia Tougher

Running Time 12 Mins


Clowns - Teaser Trailer
SPK Films
4 friends get the chance to get out of their 2,000 debt but in order they have to kidnap a business man and threaten him to pay 15,000 to a known drug dealer in which they agree to do so but when they kidnap the wrong man and as they try to make up for their mistakes they just keep running into more trouble!!

 Running Time 1 Min

Premiering in the Sugar Club on August 28th




Spare Room

A Film By Anthony Downes

Spare room tells the story of three guys who live in a typical house share, when a room becomes available to rent out they decide to get a girl to move in and quickly the guys see potential and soon a wager begins on who can "bang" her first.
Written and Directed by Anthony Downes
Jonathan Farrelly, Diane Jennings, Gordon Rochford & Daithí MacSubhne
Running Time 15 Mins



 The Arts Journal

JaSE Films and RML Films

 A fictional TV series following the lives of Zoe and Graham, who both work on a low-budget community TV show called The Arts Journal. Through this journey they meet filmmakers, musicians, actors - and complete ego-maniacs from all walks of life!...

Written by Rita Marie Lawlor
Directed by Noel Farrell
Rita Marie Lawlor, Anthony Murphy, Mary Farrell, Paul O'Bryan, Meaghan Quinn, Ciaron Davies, Barry O'Neill, Stephen Ennis, Shane O'Neill, Mark Kelly, Johnny Elliot, Brendan Kelly & Eoin Quinn
Running Time 25 Mins


A Eric Gaffney & Peter Egan Film

Johnny & Michelle. Dealing or not dealing with the pressures of life. A team together or working against. Is it ever just meant to be?

Written by Niall Molloy

Directed by Eric Gaffney & Peter Egan


Jenny Dixon & Adam Adamson

Running Time 7 Mins