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May 2012

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A Film by Alan Coughlan, Chris O'Halloran & Joe Griffin

Set in the distant future, residing in a shack in the barren desert, Malakai live a lonely existence, expecially since the passing of his wife.  Old age and a very small supply of water cause him great difficulty in tending to his crops.  On a trip to the scrpa yard in search of a better bucket, Malakai discovers a discarded helper robot.

Written by Alan Coughlan

Directed by Alan Coughlan, Chris O'Halloran & Joe Griffin

Running Time 9 Mins 


 The Hatch 

Red Rage Films

Set against the backdrop of a stormy night on-board a small rural Irish fishing trawler, Jeremiah, the skipper and his son Ronan witness an unearthly glowing object fall to the sea.  They decide to investigateand haul the object onboard.  As they battle the elements to get it on deck, Jeremiah loses something very dear to him and gains something utterly unexpected

Written and Directed by

Mike Ahearn & Enda Loughman


Denis Conway, Timmy Creed, Susanne Wuest & Adam Whelton

Running Time 14 Mins


Belles Present 

A Film by Sarah Keogh

Once full of life and vigour, Belle spends her remaining days gazing out the nursing home window with just her memories for company.
One day, she hears a familiar tune that will bring her on one last journey.

Written and Directed by Sarah Keogh


Mary Forde, Rachel Noble, Iris, Keogh, Vanessa Keogh, Lily Collins, Shane Cullen, Sophie Keogh & Erin Cronin Sutherland

Running Time 4 Mins



Pinchhitte Productions

Mockumentary of the BBC style Nature Documentaries where the streets of Dublin replace the Savannah's of Africa and Jungles of Borneo. Its survival of the fittest.

Written and Directed by Padraic Farrell


Johnatahn Talbot, Adrian Kavanagh, Michelle Bradley, Kate Horváth, Derek McCluskey, Bart Bak, Sam Harpur, Emma Fitzgerald, Victor Feldman

Running Time 5 Mins 



Igloo Films

A fairycatcher is on the hunt for fairies in the forest and is met by a number of friends and foe.

Written and Directed by Kealan O'Rourke


Des Braiden, Lorna Dempsey & Daire McCormack

Running Time 13 Mins


Within Lonliness

A Kitty Leung Film

Polly, an eight-year-girl's days are filled with fairytale, is abandoned in a room, looking out into the vast beauty of the world. But her sadness cannot break her hopes, and Polly's dreams of excitement lift her spirits. A story tells of one girl's day "WITHIN LONELINESS".

Written and Directed by Kitty Leung


Running Time 5 Mins



Area 51


Winner of the 2002 Claire Lynch Award for Best Short for a First Time Director.

Directed by Carl Collins


Joe McKinney, Pascal Scott, William Morgran Jnr., Sara James, Arthur Sheridan, Cormac McDonagh and Paul Glynn

Running Time 11 Mins 


Searching For Ten


Alan Lidden is a chick lit novelist who has always wanted to be taken seriously. He is in search of the perfect book review - 10 out of 10. And he will do anything to get it.

Written and Directed by Sean Breathnach


James Browne, Irma Mali, Pascal Scott, Ruth Hayes & John Ryan Howard

Running Time 12 Mins



An Hours Drive Film 

On her way to a party with some friends, Kerrie is in a sudden car accident and awakes tied up in an abandoned shed, unable to move

Written and Directed by Dave Thorpe


Aislinn Ni Uallacháin, James Martinez & Shane Whorisky

Running Time 12 Mins



Isolation by Seb Brandenberg

Music Video 

Directed by Paul Heary

Co Directro Seb Brandenberg

Running Time 4 Mins



 The Proposal

A Birdtrap Production

The Proposal is an experimental short film rich in imagery.  The film
charts the uneasy tension which exists between life, love and fantasy.

Written and Directed by Darren Donohue


Darren Donohoe, Emer Ladel, Sophia Breen & Holly Lynch

Running Time 6 Mins


Sparrow and the Wolf by James Vincent McMorrow

Music Video

Directed by John Philipson, Elton Mullally & Rob Davis

Running Time 4 Mins