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May Screening

May Underground Cinema Screening - Tuesday May 16th at 8pm in the
Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00


Directed by Kiefer McGinn
A man seeks vengeance on the creature that destroyed his life

Running Time 6 Mins


Directed by Shaun O'Connor
In a psychiatrist's office sits Charlie, a young man whose life has been all but ruined by anxious thoughts.  He has recently come to a new and frightening conclusion about his condition, fearing that he may literally disappear into thin air. 

Running Time 11 Mins

Emerald City

Directed by Ellie Parker
Emerald City reflects the simple beauty of true friendship and the lessons in resilience and faith that Ireland teaches all who grace her shores. 

Running Time 16 Mins

The Drive

Directed by  Alan Elbakidze
Two strangers, both of whom are looking for an escape, are brought together by coincidental circumstances in the late hours of the night in Dublin.

Running Time 8 Mins

Drop The Hand

Directed by Simon O'Neill
Comedy drama short film set among the Irish community and building sites of 1980s Reading, Berkshire.

Running Time 23 Mins 


Directed by Ryan Darnell
In 2068 in a dystopian Ireland, two drug addicts attempt to rip off a crime Boss to get their next fix, but suddeny find themseves in trouble when the State police appear

Running Time 23 Mins

The Long Shift

Directed by Patrick McKnight
Detective Mick O'Shea's job isn't easy when having to work with his colleague, Detective Gerry Dunne. es to choose one that represents what you are highlighting.

Running Time 11 Mins

The Last One

Directed by  Andrea Banjanin

Suddenly, every living thing on the planet disappeared. No warning. No apparent reason. Every human and animal, gone. Except Matthew.

The Last One is an original, intriguing and ambitious science fiction short film, looking into Matthew's world and understanding how he has coped with his immediate and inexplicable solitude.

Running Time 15 Mins

The White Rose

Directed by Emmett O'Brien
An old-fashioned blind date goes awry...

Running Time 6 Mins