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May Screening

Underground Cinema Season 10 - Screening 5
Thursday May 30th at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

Dearg Doom

Directed by Arthur Janowsky
  The religious unrest in Ireland leaves a space to be filled. An ancient evil is stirring and wants to claim this space as its own but it needs 2 things to make this happen......belief and blood!

Running Time 7 Mins

The Last Miner

Directed by  Luke Brabazon
The last man working in his father's failing coal mine, Jim Power is faced with a difficult decision. Keep working the tunnels alone in the job he was brought up to do, or move on to an uncertain future?

Running Time 7 Mins


Directed by Stephen Broekhuizen
A group of friends who have not seen each other in over ten years return home for a funeral and decide to spend one last day together where they hung out as kids.

Running Time 24 Mins

That Day - Adam Evald

Directed by Natalia Sitnikova
  Music Video   

Running Time 5 Mins


Directed by  Padraig Walsh
    Two criminals converse while burying a body in the mountains.

Running Time 7 Mins

Sinking Unknowing - Klara McDonnell

Directed by Patrick Murphy
Music Video 

Running Time 3 Mins

Out of Focus

Directed by Sean Gonet
A young detective, Jack Parker, is assigned to an ongoing investigation following a recent spate of murders in Manchester. His only lead is vehemently dismissed by his senior, DCI Phil Brooks, having previously been questioned and released without charge. However, when Brooks finally relents, Parker is given 48 hours to tail his suspect undercover, putting himself and his career on the line.

Running Time  25 Mins


Directed by Adam Kennett
After the the tragic death of her husband, Mia must pull herself from a dark and lonely path of alcohol and drug abuse.

Running Time 7 Mins

In Training

Directed by Lachlann Kelly
  Two former friends, Malcolm and Seamus, reunite after years apart and travelling down seperate roads. Uncertain of what their meeting will hold, both men are suspicious of the other and fear for their safety. As a professional soldier in the British army, Malcolm questions Seamus’ motives in wanting to see him again. Released only days earlier from prison for involvement with dissident Republicanism.

Running Time 14 Mins

A Decent Proposal

Directed by Cathal Feeney
It was the perfect day, with the perfect woman, for the perfect proposal. What could possibly go wrong?

Running Time 6 Mins

The Banshee

Directed by Donnacha Gilmore

On an island off the West Coast of Ireland, the locals are fearful that the Banshee has returned to their shores, to claim one of them once more.

Running Time 9 Mins

Locked In

Directed by Lucy Alder
Going home with some new can be pretty terrifying especially when you get locked in their bathroom.

Running Time  2 Mins