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No Justice

Bootstrap Films

No Justice is about John Taylor an ordinary hard working man in his early fifties, who's life has been turned upside down with the murder of his Son. John’s wife stricken with grief suffers a stroke and at the funeral. John finds himself compelled to do something, but what?

Written by Alan Walsh

Directed by Alan Walsh & Mario Bortas


Don Baker, Honor Heffernan, Glen Baker, Karl Shiels, Paddy Courtney, Ciaran O'Grady, Tommy O'Neill, Paddy Burdis, Paul Burke, Paul Thompson, Daniella Gibney, Nicole Elizabeth, John Phelan, Aoife O'Connor, Harry Shiels, Rose O'Connor, Adam O'Connor, Anthony Inglis, Collette Stapleton, Kenneth Cummins, Rachael Kavanagh, Hayley Murphy, Eamon Norris, Gerard Boland & Kristina Stapleton

Running Time 15 Minutes




Of Best Intentions

Red Rage Films

We all want to leave behind a little something for future generations to remember us by.  In his lifetime, renowned inventor Thomas Midgley cannot have forseen the future ramifications of his work.  The film tells the story of five characters whose well intentioned actions all incur disastrous consequences.

Written & Directed by Brian Durnin


Stuart Graham, Ian McElhinney, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Prasad Jadhav, Rita Davies, Delrick Vinu, Deva Naidu, Pat Cannon, Oisin O'Connor, Mary Murphy, Claire Creely, Dale Parry, Steve Lynch, Jessica Felton, Peter Duff, Paul Ellis, Paddy Geraghty, Tom Walsh, Ger Roe, John Kilkenny, Donald Helme, John O'Regan, Anton McClelland, Eugene Ruane, Bill Fallover, Paul Holmes, Jessica Bermingham, Ciara Whelan, Clare O'Meara, John Hand, Siraj Zaida, Sudansh, Mohammed Osama Fuzail, Dhrubha Baneejee, Dr Puri, Molly Vinu, Jacob Vinu, Divines Vinu, Sangita Lal, Tarini Lal, Catherine Stauton, Gary Moore and Brian O'Malley

Running Time 13 Mins


An Creatúr

Vico Films

 The short film which stars Robbie Sheehan (Cherrybomb) spans the first 15 years of Conor Buckley's life.  A childhood prank leaves Conor paralysed by guilt; forcing him to correct his own mistake the only way he knows how.

Written by Cormac Fox

Directed by Peter Foott


Robert Sheehan, Lesley Conroy, Brendan McDonnell, Kevin O'Dwyer, Johnny Ward, Dillon Potter, Daniel Hendrickson, Gerard Wrenn, Sam Ford, Aoileann Ní Chonchubhair, Catriona Lynch, Bríd Ní Chumhaill, Ger Considine, Danny Maguire, Dylan Byrne, Conor Kavanagh, Dean Fennell, Niamh Fitzgerald, Sophie Mitchell, Conor Barnes, Ruairi Boyle, Barry Brown and Matthew Coldagh

Running Time 24 Mins




Sugar Stick 

Inca Films

Mary is trapped in a toxic friendship. Miriam with her chain-smoking and vicious tongue, is that toxic friend. Morning tea and vitriol. There is no smoke without fire. 

Written & Directed by Laura Way


Irene Wright & Kathleen Tierney

Running Time 6 Mins 




Heart of the Matter

AGM Productions

A lovers tiff leads to murder. However being a chef is helpfull when disposing of a body. The law is on the job and a guilty conscience is hard to ignore.

Based on E.A.Poes timeless classic Telltale Heart.

Written by Gerry Wade

Directed by Gerry Wade and Tony Brown


Gerry Wade, Sean O'Hara, Mick Fitzgerald and Tony Brown

Running Time 5 Mins




The Driving Test

A Sean Breathnach Film

A girl shows up for her driving test, but it doesn't turn out like she expected...

Written and Directed by Sean Breathnach

Starring Stephen O'Connor and Valerie Hely

Running Time 2 Mins





Underground Films

A modern day nursing home. Sean sits distractedly, having lost the capability to speak, trying to live in his memories. But even these are disturbed. 

An unusual tragic story of love, life and memory.
Written & Directed by Mairtin De Barra
Michael Patric, Brian McGrath, Gertrude Montgomery, Orla Fitzgerald, Cathal Duffy and Gerry Shanahan
Running Time 12 Mins




43 (yonju-san)

21 Shot Productions

Animated/photographic comic book toned short film, set amidst the back alleys and darker corners of Dublin City.

 When a homeless drifter accepts an offer of a bed for the night, he soon realises that having nothing.... doesn't mean you've nothing to lose.

 Inspired by Chris Marker's La Jetee and the assorted work of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Paul Verhoeven and Ridley Scott. Produced through a combination of photography, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Studio's Motion and Final Cut Pro.

Directed by John Curran and Craig Woods

Written by John Curran, Craig Woods and Pachal Woods


Emmet Flood, Stewart Roche, Rory Connolly, Jason Gilroy, Steve Fanagan, Robbie Howlett, Noel Aungier, Shane Fahy, John Curran, Craig Woods, Noreen Woods, Niall Keegan & John Lawless

Running Time 33 Mins




Phoenix Artz Productions

Frankenstein was made as part of the Jameson Empire done in 60 seconds competition. A re-make the 1930s James Whale version. The whole idea was to make a feature film in just one minute, and whereas you could just have key iconic moments from the film, I really wanted to tell the whole story, and at the same time hopefully pay a little tribute to this great film as well.

Written and Directed by Noel Brady


Gerry Wade, Seamus Whelan and Eoin Lawlor

Running Time 1 Min




 Heat - In 60 Seconds

Realmgod Films

Heat in 60 seconds.  A short made for the Jameson International Film Festival

Directed by

Padraig Conaty


Kevin McGahern & Ciaron Davies

Running Time 1 Min


The Brain Eater

A Conor McMahon Film

After a terrible car crash in the mountains a young boy has to eat his
parents brains to survive. 30 years later when a hurling team get lost,
they soon learn he still has a taste
for brains

Written and Directed by Conor McMahon


Kenny Reynolds, Nicky Newitt, Gavin Lacey, Cathal Ceaunt, Nuala Byrne, Philip Rogan, Adam Doyle and Ned Denehy

Running Time 10 Mins




Good Will Hunting - Maths Scene

A Shane McCabe Film

A comedic take on a classic tale in which a pompous college Professor discovers a maths genius working as a janitor.  This was shot on a Nokia N95 Mobile Phone...

Directed by Shane McCabe

Running Time 2 Mins






  Fake Dog Films

'You Just Can't Let Things Go' by Sean Millar

Music Video Directed by Dara Moroney & Produced by Paul Webster

Running Time 3 Mins




Reasonably Short Films

'Your Holiday Sounds Boring' by Large Mound

Music Video Produced & Directed by Ian Lawton

Running Time 3 Mins

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