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March 2012

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No Justice

Bootstrap Films 

No Justice is about John Taylor an ordinary hard working man in his early fifties, who's life has been turned upside down with the murder of his Son. John’s wife stricken with grief suffers a stroke and at the funeral. John finds himself compelled to do something, but what?

Written by Alan Walsh

Directed by Alan Walsh & Mario Bortas


Don Baker, Honor Heffernan, Glen Baker, Karl Shiels, Paddy Courtney, Ciaran O'Grady, Tommy O'Neill, Paddy Burdis, Paul Burke, Paul Thompson, Daniella Gibney, Nicole Elizabeth, John Phelan, Aoife O'Connor, Harry Shiels, Rose O'Connor, Adam O'Connor, Anthony Inglis, Collette Stapleton, Kenneth Cummins, Rachael Kavanagh, Hayley Murphy, Eamon Norris, Gerard Boland & Kristina Stapleton

Running Time 15 Minutes

Underground Cinema Awards 2010

Winner of the Best Director Award

Winner of the Best Score Award


43 (yonju-san)

21 Shot Productions

Animated/photographic comic book toned short film, set amidst the back alleys and darker corners of Dublin City.

When a homeless drifter accepts an offer of a bed for the night, he soon realises that having nothing.... doesn't mean you've nothing to lose.

Directed by John Curran and Craig Woods

Written by John Curran, Craig Woods and Pachal Woods


Emmet Flood, Stewart Roche, Rory Connolly, Jason Gilroy, Steve Fanagan, Robbie Howlett, Noel Aungier, Shane Fahy, John Curran, Craig Woods, Noreen Woods, Niall Keegan & John Lawless

Running Time 33 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2012

Winner of the Best Independent Short Film Award

Winner of the Best Editor Award


The Euthanizer


The Euthanizer is a black comedy about a man struggling to make a living by helping people kill themselves.
It was made by fourth year students of film and television Production in Dun Laoghaire IADT.

The film was shown as part of the IADT 2009 film graduate showcase which took place in the lighthouse cinema in Dublin.


Tommy O'Neill, Colin O'Donoghue, Dorothy Cotter, Michael Bates, Jordan Lee McGrath and Myles Breen

Written by Simon Doyle

Directed by Ian Hunt Duffy

Running Time 13 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2010

Winner of the Best Actor Award for Tommy O'Neill




The Moment

SAD Mantra Productions

A visual telling of the final ten minutes of a mans life. There are many obvious reasons why he seems unwilling to reinquish his life, however, his only motivation is the undying love between he and his wife.

Written & Directed by Paddy Slattery


Eamon Rohan, Claire Hilary, Mairin O'Donovan and Daniel J Dunne

Running Time 9 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2011

Winner of the Special Audience Award




 Unlocking Charlie

Agro Films

When his worst fears come knocking, an agoraphobic man's love for the girl next door is put to the ultimate test.

Written and Directed by Stephen Crilly

Starring - Tom Maguire, Grace Kelley, Dayleigh Nelson and Clyde Mowlds

Running Time 10 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2011

Winner of the Best Independent Short Film Award 

Winner of the Best Score for 2011




Medicine Hat Films

Damien is compelled to follow his heart for one last chance of happiness. Watching out for him are Fiona and Doc who prove that family isn't always who you're born to but who's got your back

Written & Directed by Mark Cogan


Frank Prendergast, George Hanover, Shane Casey & Jon Whitty

Running Time 13 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2010

Winner of the Best Screenplay Award



The Shadow Boxer

A Reel Deal Studios Production

Professional competition tests the friendship of two rival boxers.
Written and Directed by
 David O'Neill
Terry O'Neill, Caroline Harvey, Graham Earley, Lloyd Cooney, John Shevlin & Philip J. Russell
Running Time 14 Mins
Underground Cinema Awards 2011
Winner of the Best Newcomer Award



Hamster Heaven

Pillarstone Productions

Two hamsters. One Cage. She is sleepy. He is concerned and when she is gone he goes to find her.

Written & Directed by Paul Bolger

Running Time 3 Mins

Underground Cinema Award 2011

Winner of the Best Animated Short Film Award



The Situation Is

RM Films

Jack and Charlie are two small time crooks sent to deliver a package to a certain location. On arrival they make a discovery which changes the circumstances drastically.

 Directed by Robbie Hamilton

 Starring Chris Aylmer, Matthew Mcpherson, Elizabeth Twells, and Paul McPherson

 Running Time 8 Mins

Underground Cinema Awards 2011

Winner of the Best International Short Film