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January Screening

Underground Cinema Season 9 - Screening 3
Thursday March 29th at 8pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

  Topographia Hibernica - Of the Wonders and Miracles of Ireland

Directed by Liza Bolton

A devout cleric, Giraldus, and his young novice, Bartholanus, arrive on a pre-medieval uncharted island in a bid to assess the topography of the land and it's people.   Inspired by the writing of Giraldus Cambrensis during his visit to Ireland in 1188 where he recounted fantastic stories of the Wonders and Miracles of Ireland. 

Running Time 7 Mins


Directed by Derek Ugochukwu
A psychiatric Doctor, visits a disturbed teenager, at a mental home for the first time to help him remember a gruesome murder case that occurred three years ago. After a heated hypnosis session, Dr. Kalu succeeds in getting Decklin to reveal who the murderer was. That revelation is soon to be interrupted by a phone call which Dr. Kalu had to take. However, when the doctor returns he senses a change of behavior with Decklin. 

Running Time 8 Mins


Directed by Aoife Doyle
An Irish grandmothers unexpected departure from her lonely life. 

The film tells the story of a lonely Irish Grandmother called Alma. Faced with the prospect of yet another Christmas without her emigrated Family, Alma is at an all time low. This almost tragedy quickly turns into a comedy as the universe conspires to bring her closer to her family than she could ever have imagined.

Running Time 9 Mins


Directed by Richard Keaney
When a young man drops out of college to care for his agoraphobic mother he too finds himself increasingly insulated from the outside world, a factor which conflicts with his growing forays into amateur astronomy.

Running Time 17 Mins


Directed by  Peter Sinclair
A young man named Oliver, lives in a nice house together with his girlfriend Lizzie. One day she brings home a package for Oliver, containing a vintage camera, which contains a mysterious secret, that ends up captivating all of Olivers attention and pulling him further away from his girlfriend.

Running Time 16 Mins


Directed by Robert Byrne

Alden is determined to make a success of himself with the antique furniture shop he has inherited. But with business poor, his sister Claire has other ideas...

Running Time 10 Mins


Directed by  Kathleen Bridget Murphy & Louis Tornero-Moffitt
An exhausted factory worker has an unnerving encounter on his way home from a night shift.

Running Time 6 Mins

Prank Weekend

Directed by Mark Petson
Two video bloggers spend the weekend together, Petso decides to prank Minyon ALL weekend, with the pranks gradually get worse and worse. Well, until Minyon cant take it anymore that is.

Running Time 11 Mins

Girl and a Scar

Directed by David Cave

A self-harming Goth girl suffers a psychological trauma where her dark, cathartic journey within allows her to find self-acceptance within her life.

Running Time 15 Mins


Directed by Philip Connolly
A year in the life of a burgeoning new relationship and the problems and joys a couple face...

Running Time 14 Mins


Directed by David Butler

A jealous spouse hires a hitman to throw acid into his partner's face.

Running Time 3 Mins

Can't Sleep

Directed  Aaron Moloney  by 
Music Video

Running Time 6 Mins