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I Hate  That Smile

Time Snap Films

When a press photographer protests about the tasteless nature of a photoshoot he's been asked to do, his ruthless editor accuses him of having 'lost the edge'. The editor, though, has an interesting edge of his own.

Written & Directed by Declan Cassidy


Rory Mullen, Kaylie Blue & Richard Wall

Running Time 3 Mins



Barbershop Triplet Productions 

When a husband and wife are on the brink of destruction due to her physical abuse and depression. Someone suffers.

Written by Gerry Shanahan

Directed by Cathal Nally


Una Kavanagh, Gerry Shanahan, Brian Fortune & Ciara Bailey

 25 Mins



Sheeny Shiney Films

Wrapped in grief a woman makes a nightly pilgrimage to the lake that
took her lover; her thoughts echoing across the dark water.

Written and Directed by Denise Pattison


Aoife NicArdghail, Philip Coyne, Andrew Daly, Eamonn Carroll Rhiannon-Elyse Pattison & Terry Daly

Running Time 6 Mins



Down by the Riverside 

By The Larkfield Four

Music Video

Directed by Hugh O'Connor

Running Time 3 Mins



Tilted Pictures

A womans final journey with her husband across their land

Written and Directed by David Freyne

Starring Mick Lally & Maire Hastings

Running Time 11 Minutes


Moving Me by Wayne Brennan

SAD Mantra Productions

Music Video

Directed by Lorcan Dunne

Running Time 3 Mins




The Year I Got Younger

Proud Mother Pictures

"A hangover tastes the same in every city."

Shot in Galway, Prague and Melbourne this Irish fiddle player reflects on his old and new found addictions.

Documentary Directed by Genevieve Bailey

Featuring Aindrias De Staic

Running Time 7 Mins



The Line

An FCTV Production

This fictional dark comedy combines a visual treat of animation and quirky locations as our two characters stuggle on a writing journey

Written & Directed by Maria O'Connor


Jaimie Carswell and Anthony Murphy

Running Time 11 Mins


 He Waits

50LB Films

A friendship forged one night forever changes a boy's life.  Now as an adult, he is unable to forget that magical night and he waits for his friend to return, eternally confident that he will.

Written by Samuel Kingston

Directed by Robert Kelly

Starring Julian Judge

Running Time 6 mins


I Am Spoon 

The film follows a young male who is searching for romance. A comedy with a twist which has it's own message. Patience really is a virtue.

Written by Alan Mulligan & Anthony Mulligan

Directed by Alan Mulligan


Running Time 9 Mins



The Shadow Boxer

A Reel Deal Studios Production

Professional competition tests the friendship of two rival boxers.
Written and Directed by David O'Neill
Terry  O'Neill, Caroline Harvey, Graham Earley, Lloyd Cooney, John Shevlin &  Philip J. Russell
Running Time 14 Mins



Annville Films

A faltering relationship is marked by a moment of small revenge

Written and Directed by Robert Manson



Running Time 6 Mins



An Táin - Darkness Descends

A Phoenix Artz Production  

War, jealousy, love. These are the strengths the weaknesses of all

mankind. The strengths of CúChulainn the hound of Ulster, the

weakness of Ferdia. The love of Fiona. And the evil jealousy’s of

Queen Mebh of Connacht.

Based on the Irish mythological story “The cattle raid of Cooley” from the book “AnTáin”. The evil Queen Mebh, fueled with jealousy of her King-Husband’s most coveted possession, the mighty “White Bull of Connacht”. She journeys to Ulster, to the land of Macha, home of CúChulainn, to bargain for an even mightier bull, “The Brown Bull of Ulster”. Will she succeed? And what evil deeds, mind games and dark temptations will Queen Mebh do to gain that which she most desires!

Written and Directed by Noel Brady


Linda Teehan, Ciaran O'Grady, Richard Wall, Diane Jennings, Gerry Wade & John Smyth

Running Time 16 Mins



Lie out of Life

A Kelley O'Sullivan Film

A documentary style short film, using experimental stop motion and materials. Highlights domestic abuse where the male is the victim. All script sourced from “Letters to Amen”, a collection of letters to the charity Amen.

Animated Short Film

Directed by Kelley O'Sullivan

Running Time 2 Mins



Down By The River 

A couple, David and Aisling, have moved into an isolated cottage in the country with their 4 year old daughter, Shona, so David can finish his first novel. Engrossed in his writing, David pays scant attention to Aisling's growing concerns about Shona, who is lonely except for an 'imaginary friend,' Charlie, who 'lives in the river'. Shona asks if Charlie can sleep in her bed, and says he is afraid of the 'bad man' who appeared at Shona's bedroom window. Is Charlie really imaginary, or is he the spirit of a murdered child? Is he there to warn Shona, or to draw her into danger at the river?

Written and Directed by Glenda Cimino


Glenda Cimino, Aine De Siun, Karoline Rose O'Sullivan, Siobhan Hearty & Mark Schrier

 Running Time 13 Mins


Batty Ryan - 10 Steps To Success In Life and Business

Design for Life

Batty Ryan was born in Mucklish on the Louth/Meath border. He grew up on his parent’s dairy farm and ran the farm with his brother Bunty until they fell out over whose turn it was to milk the cows the evening Mucklish Football Seniors won the Gaughan Cup. Things turned sour after that, Batty left the farm and they have never spoken since despite Batty’s efforts to bring in a Buddhist intermediary. Soon after, Batty married Evelyn Dixon whose father, Dixie ran Dixon’s Bar in Yellow Furze. Batty helped run the bar when Dixie suffered a severe stroke. Batty was also a part time sales person for Dixon’s Plant Hire. This gave him valuable experience and inside knowledge in the running of 2 diverse businesses.

Batty and Evelyn had 3 children, Robbie, Niall and Ianna. It was around the time of the birth of Ianna that Batty started managing the band Zoe Ward and Mentals a pop band that took the East coast by storm during the summer of ’92 with their daring stage show and sexy songs including “Dirty Beach” and “Deep Fried (You Got Me)”. Batty was riding high but too many nights on the road took a toll on his marriage. After an unfair divorce settlement which left him penniless he resolved to make it all back. He tried his hand in any job he could get; pilot, pizza chef and team leader in a sales team but none of them gave him the satisfaction that he craved or the money or respect. However after enrolling in a life coach course he realised he had found his vocation in life. Not only could he get on the road like he had with the now defunct Mentals but he could also call on his vast knowledge in the many jobs he’s been employed in to help others be successful in their chosen ambitions. With the positive attitude he had learnt in the life coach course and through his own research he completely turned his life around and now he wants to spread the good news to you.

Written by Joe Rooney

Directed by Simon Daniels


Joe Rooney and Sharyn Hayden

Running Time 6 Mins