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June 2012

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Well Made Films

A short film about the importance of expression and the effect that one man's mind has on his perception of life and his relationships

Written and Directed by Patrick Bridgeman

Running Tim 8 Mins


The Dark Room 

Hawthorn Film Productions

Based on a true story about lifes reality for some young people who have fallen on bad times and have turned to drugs to escape reality.

Written and Directed by Philip A McCarthy


Luke Kavanagh, Bertie Brosnan, Roisin O'Neill, Paul Horgan, Noel McGlynn, Servene McCarthy, Pearse McCarthy, Frank Hurley,Jay Flavin, Stephen O'Connell, Michael Nagel, Michael Williams, Sean Rainey & Sean O'Duninnin

Running Time 17 Mins


No Comment

A Gerard Shannon Film

A young woman tries to deal with tragic upheaval in her life and takes drastic action in order to fully come to terms with it.

Written and Directed by Gerard Shannon


Layla O'Sullivan, Danny Gleeson, Patrick Molloy, Patrick Murphy & Sara Magee

Running Time 8 Mins


Yell (ow) 

October Eleven Pictures

A young couple find the memory of a brutal kidnapping and murder brought to seething life when the young man's brother has possibly tried to make contact while on the run from the police

Written by

Directed by Jason Figgis


Ben Plunkett Reynolds & Stephanie Behan

Running Time 13 Mins

Communion Day 

An Alan Mulligan Film

A Forever goodbye is a hard thing to say when you lose someone very
important to you, but thankfully
the memories of them stay with you forever

Written by Alan Mulligan & Anthony Mulligan

Directed by Alan Mulligan


Dolores Mulligan, Sarah Vaughan, Hilary Cotter & Sarah Hickey

Running Time 4 Mins

A Fist Full of Lies 

A Jeff Doyle Film 

Ger and Mel are not your average day couple. They lye in bed, both of them hold secrets that can I destroy their relationship, but how they react is far more aberrant than anyone could expect.

 Written and Directed by Jeff Doyle,


Jeff Doyle & Denise Pattison

Running Time 4


You and Me

The Screaming Orphans

Music Video

Directed by Vasco Mendes

Running Time 4 Mins



Flippin the Bird

Ballyfermot College of Further Education

Two ignornat bird watchers suffer the consequnces of taking a hungry magpie for granted.

Written and  Directed by Maureen Walshes

Running Time 3 Mins


The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

The Brutal Here and Now Part 1

Music Video

Directed by Ian Lawton

Running Time 4 Mins





DIT School of Media 

Owen Hunt is living a double life.  While he leaves his wife Lydia at home to care for his young child, he keeps up a  tawdry affair with his mistress Clarissa.  His two worlds collide when he is kidnapped by the mysterious Yohannes Riyadi and forced to make aheartbreaking choice

Written and Directed by Daniel J Doody


Brian McHale Boyle, Tristans McConnell, Jenny Dixon & Sarah Tapes

Running Time 10 Mins



A Florian Zapra Film

One man's fantasy is another man's dilemma. Buck's rendezvous with Jenna turns crazy when the mysterious Wizard arrives.

Directed by Wale Atoyegbe


Paul Keating, Sarah Mulligan & Alan Sherlock

Running Time 4 Mins



City Skippers 

A Tess Motherway Film


City Skippers’ is a five minute documentary that explores ‘dumpster diving’, an ecologically friendly pursuit which encourages the reclaiming of goods from the over-zealous waste culture of modern society.  From tips, techniques and favourite diving spots, seasoned ‘divers’ share their reasons and ideology behind the activity both in Ireland and abroad.



          Directed by

      Tess Motherway

    Running Time 5 Mins




Rapid Edge Productions

A man dealing with deep depression after his wife and daughter are killed in a car crash. He gets flashbacks and hallucinations of them and can't deal with it anymore so goes to seek revenge

Writeen and Directed by Paul Scarfe


Alan Sherlock, Caroline Harvey, Gerard Corkish, Ellen Phelan, Richard Maglov & Karen Carley  

Running Time 14 Mins



The Game

Film Division

Mr Bishop confronts his nemesis.  How will it play a battle of wills. Experiance versus youth. Confidence versus knowledge. It comes down to this final moment, who wants it most and who is prepared to take that final step to finish ahead of THE GAME?

Written and Directed by Jon Pegg


Charles Nicklin, Stephen Reid, Barrington Pattrerson and James Gabb

Running Time 7 Mins