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June Screening

Underground Cinema Season 10 - Screening 6
Wednesday July 24th at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

Bad Fruit

Directed by Teresa Lavina
This is a film about the Tuam babies in Ireland. 796 babies were thrown in a septic tank, no proper burials, no prayers, no respect. The nuns have not yet apologised for their actions. This film is a testimony told by the survivors of Tuam mother and baby home. 

Running Time 11 Mins

Not Me

Directed by Mahmoud Salimi
An American soldier and an Iraqi fighter are handcuffed together and put in a detention center in Iraq. Mike fights for democracy and Mohammad for God. They hate each other to death but in order to survive, they have to work together. 

Running Time 18 Mins


Directed by Nicki Wade
‘Puzzling’ tells the story of Benjamin, an elderly man with autism. Benjamin grew up in Ireland in the 1940s, a time when attitudes towards those with developmental disorders were very different.  

Running Time 19 Mins


Directed by Onofrio Damiano
A robbery happens inside a café but nobody notice it because to absorbed by their smartphones.

Running Time 3 Mins


Directed by Nathan Campion
A Young Filmmaker struggles to manage the balance of Relationships and Creating his next Film. Problems arise when he begins to randomly black out and arise at different times and locations.

Running Time 25 Mins

The Bogman

Directed by Dylan Hennesey
As modern times fast approach, a worker from the Irish midlands struggles with the loss of his job, lifestyle and culture.

Running Time 3 Mins


Directed by Lukasz Langowski
When he goes fishing, George is conflicted whether to let the fish go as he hears it talk.

Running Time  6 Mins

The Vasectomy Doctor

Directed by Paul Webster

Dr. Andrew Rynne was the first doctor to perform vasectomies in Ireland; he estimates that he has performed over 35,000. This is a distinction that did not come without controversy in the extremely Catholic Ireland of the nineteen seventies and eighties

Running Time 11 Mins

Love Her Bones

Directed by Ross Carey
  Frank bumps into his old friend Tom by chance in an Irish pub, and is horrified to learn that Tom has just made a very odd life choice.

Running Time 7 Mins

Pit Stop

Directed by Rachel Smyth
In 1980s Ireland, Saoirse finds her fate in the hands of a stranger at a garage as she attempts to flee an abusive relationship.

Running Time 6 Mins


Directed by Evin O'Neill and Dara O'Neill

Jess is tripping on magic mushrooms when Alan tells her he's from another galaxy but afterwards she can't shake her suspicion that he was telling the truth and sets out to prove it, while trying to keep a grip on her sanity.

Running Time 14 Mins


Directed by Éanna Mac Cana

A young man, Lonan, deals with the sudden loss of his father.

Running Time  17 Mins