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The Ten Steps

SP Films 

A young girl babysits in an old house

Written & Directed by Brendan Muldowney


Jill Harding, William O'Sullivan, Paula Lee, Frank Coughlan, Nuala Kelly, Stephen Fitzgibbon & Kerry O'Sullivan

Running Time 10 Mins



 Out of the Blue

Vico Films

The film tells the story of Georgie's love life which becomes transformed  when he discovers a TV floating in the sea.  it is a charming tale of lonliness and the discovery of true love in the most unexpected of places.

Written & Directed by Michael Lavelle


Ciaran Bermingham, Amy Hill and Elaine Stevens

Running Time 10 Mins



  In the Open

Big Idea Films

Three guys in a car, a secret that must be told, can the trip be completed.

Written by Kevin Glynn & Ultan Sherman

Directed by Kevin Glynn


Liam Heffron, Pat Collins & Declan O'Loughlin

Running Time 10 Mins




 Shit Creek

C13 Productions

An angry stock trader, down on his luck tries to salvage the last of his self respect when helped by a well meaning tourist in Dublin city centre.

Written & Directed by Anthony Kinsella


Patrick Murphy & Anthony Kinsella

Running Time 4 Mins

In Search of the Red Beggar

A Documentary by James Moran

The Red Beggar is a character from local legend around Abbeyleix whose story illustrates the hardship and uncertainty in a turbulant time of our countrys history

Written & Directed by James Moran

Running Time 8 Mins 


Blue Passage


Blue Passage is a visual documentary about the mechanisation of our lives, observing the eternal passions of a city between sunrise and sunset.

Directed by Luca Rocchini


The People of Dublin

Running Time 14 Mins




A 3 Hot Whiskeys Production

Mary, a lonely teenager, desparately seeks love, attention and a sense of identity, in the wrong place.

Written and Directed by Maureen O'Connell


Marilyn Bane, Sharon Coade, Carla McGlynn, Mairead Gillen, Michael O'Sullivan, Anna Berry, Patrick Murphy, Joseph Ryan, Stephen Greene, Johanna Ryan, Thea DeGeus, Emma Meehan, Klar McDonnell, Danielle Masterson, Geraldine McAlinden, Camille Donegan, Padraig Murray & declan Gillen

Running Time 12 Mins



I Shagged Ronaldo 

 RML Films

 Aoife is a 24 year old Dublin woman infatuated with footballer Christiano Ronaldo.  Unable to get a ticket to see his new Real Madrid take on Shamrock Rovers, her friend Donna takes her out on the town to a place where players just might be with some pleasent surprises.

Written & Directed by Rita Marie Lawlor


Patrick Murphy, Melissa Nolan, Rita Marie Lawlor, Paul O'Bryan and Eoin Quinn

Running Time 12 Mins 


 Ballybough Court

Each week women from the eldery complex in Ballybough Dublin come together to play bingo.  As most live alone this outlet is more about creating community than winning money.  Unfortunately the complex is to be demolished in a few years and with memories fading and more apartments remaining empty, this film offers a poignant and often humerous snapshot of what will be lost in time.

 Directed by Jason Mehlhorn

Running Time 8 Mins






 Who's the Stronger Sex

A Damien Mitchell Film

In this film we see a man who is placed in a position of pain and vulnerability and how he copes with this.  After viewing this film you will definitely know who the stronger sex is.

Written & Directed by Damien Mitchell


Damien Mitchell & Clare Ward

Running Time 6 Mins


Bogged Down

A Barton Inc. Production

The film revolves around 'Benny' - an emotionally and psychologically unhinged man.  We see him in the middle of nowhere trying to bury a problem that he just can't seem to get rid of.  But things don't work out as he had hoped.  Dogged Down is an abstract, psychological drama - an exploration of the inner workings of the mind of a man on the fringes of society, teethering on the brink of insanity.

Written and Directed by Barry Grant


Anthony Murphy, Izabella grant, Matilda Grant, Eve Reynolds & Susan Reynolds 

Running Time 13 Mins


Waiting Room

Teecar Productions

A chance conversation in a doctors waiting room results in comedy and crossed communication.

Written & Directed by Linda Teehan and Sarah Carroll


Linda Teehan, Sarah Carroll and Dylan McDonough

Running Time 4 Mins






 In the Darkness

A Sarah McCann Film

An accomplished author struggles to complete his final novel after the death of his wife

Written & Directed by Sarah McCann 


Running Time 3 Mins



The Last Train

A Documentary by Nick Carswell

Officially opened in May 1867 linking Abbeyleix with Kilkenny, Mountrath, Waterford and eventually the rest of Ireland, the railway was to bring great changes to the town of Abbeyleix both good and bad

Directed by Nick Carswell

Running Time 14 Mins 


Friends Like These

October Eleven Pictures

A volatile relationship between two young women  reaches a crisis with tragic consequences for both.

Written and Directed by Jason Figgis


Maria Manton and Laura Way

Running Time 9 Mins



  Isn't Technology Wonderful

A Big Ideas Film and a Barry Holihan Film

Set in an Irish village in the 1960's, an old man becomes aware of the changing world around him and finally decides to embrace modern technology in his own unique way.

Written and Directed by Barry Holihan

Starring John O'Dowd and Liam Heffron

Running Time 5 Mins

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