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 Unlocking Charlie

Agro Films

When his worst fears come knocking, an agoraphobic man's love for the girl next door is put to the ultimate test.

Written and Directed by Stephen Crilly


Tom Maguire, Grace Kelley, Dayleigh Nelson and Clyde Mowlds

Running Time 10 Mins


Remember Me

RML Films

Remember Me tells the story of a woman being stalked by a man
who feels he has good reason for tracking her down.
Written and Directed by Rita Marie Lawlor
Johnny Elliott, Melissa Nolan, Liam McMahon, Miah Ni Nuallain, Joe Rooney, Rory Mullen, Robyn Keogh, Shanno Walsh, Shane Kennedy, Sarah Mulligan, Andie McCaffrey Byrne & Philip Francis Dean
Running Time 30 Mins



Timesnap Films

Darren loves his new simulated personality in car computre system - Veronique.  And not in a platonic way.

Written by Bill Tyson & Directed by Declan Cassidy


Richard Wall, Martha Christie, Aoibheann McGill & Patrick Murphy

Running Time 5 Mins





An Ah Keane Film

A simple story between a table, son and father.

Written and Directed by Ah Kean

Starring Chan Chee Choong, Chan Kar Hei, Pauline Lam, Hor Kah Jai & Tan Jian Liang

Running Time 6 Mins


Blood or Water

Duke Productions

Susan is a young woman who is fulltime carer for her mother who has suffered a severe stroke.  Susan is dutiful and sincere in her role as carer but she feels alone in the world and has decided to try to fix this. 
Written by Eibhlin Harrington & Ailish Leavy
Directed by Eibhlin Harrington


Alish Leavy, Emmet Flood & Ronan P. Byrne

Running Time 10 Mins

 The Sandeman 

A Carla Mooney Film

The mocking and non-belief of a local farmhand results in a chilling truth.
Story by David Mooney and Directed by Carla Mooney
Seymour Kenny, Mick Coghlan, James Hoctor, Liam Lynch and Mick Morris
Running Time 9 Mins


Find Me


An emotive short stop motion film exploring love, loyalty and loss

Written and Directed by Kelley O'Sullivan

Running Time 4 Mins



Ná Scoitear

A Marie Caffrey Film

Man shows disrespect for a woman and nature. He goes jogging and nature takes revenge

Written by Matthew Roche and Directed by Marie Caffrey

Starring Biju Nair

Running Time 4 Mins

Bad Clamp

A Sean Hunt Film

As an empty train carriage clatters its way through the city at night, twoseat clamps awake, and decide they've had enough of each other...

Written and Directed by Sean Hunt 

Running Time 1 Min


Effigy Road

50LB Fims & 7 Tower Productions

They were here all along, watching, waiting. Now, their time has come, ours, has past.

Written and Directed by Robert Kelly 


Feidhlim Cannon, James Cosgrave, John Mulvey, Sarah Carroll, Karina Podhladnova, Robert O'Brien & Patrick Murphy 

 Running Time 17 Mins 



SPK Films
4 friends get the chance to get out of their 2,000 debt but in order they have to kidnap a business man and threaten him to pay 15,000 to a known drug dealer in which they agree to do so but when they kidnap the wrong man and as they try to make up for their mistakes they just keep running into more trouble!!
Written and Directed by
Stephen Patrick Kenny
David Sullivan, Graham Feeley, Ollie Keogh, Andrew Neenan, Florian Zapra, Lee Thomas, Biju Nair & Michelle Cronin
Running Time 15 Mins



 What If 

Karen made a wrong choice, it led to a downward spiral of drinking and taking drugs but she gets a chance to change her life to what it could of been without the mistake, but will she take this chance or not?

Written & Directed by James Mulholland


Aoife Williamson, Fionnuala Collins, Declan Reynolds & Francis Usanga

Running Time 23 Mins




An Aidan Duffy Film

A boy born with a mirror for a face becomes an artist and finds love in this modern fable. His mother is from Earth, his father from a planet nineteen light years away. His name is Aron, but the world will know him as Mirrorman.

Written and Directed by Aidan Duffy


Rachel Brady, Graham Tugwell, Simon Fogarty, John Grant, Marguerite McCarthy, Cian Corrigan, Benjamin Musgrave, Sarah Byrne, John Mulroy, Robert Furlong, Lara Magi, Ashley Ashton Drake & Aidan Duffy

Running Time 15 Mins

 What Goes Up Must Come Down

Stickleback Films

A homelesss man finds a winning lottery ticket and thinks his luck has changed.

Written & Directed by Brendan O'Neill


Steve Ryland, Chara Jackson, Samantha Ferry, Simon Lewis Marritt, Hanah Mackinlay, Anthony O'Boyle, Colin Callaghan, Victoria Cox, Tony Selimaj & Redmond O'Sullivan

Running Time 3 Mins



Dead Event 

A BattleAxe Film Produktion

Battleaxe Barry was a rising star of the Irish wrestling scene, until the day he lost it all. Now Battleaxe is back, having beaten the booze, having beaten his divorce, he's ready to beat his demons in the wrestling ring, and if those demons turn out to be zombies, and if his comeback coincides with the end of the world, then so be it. He's still here, he's still a champion and he'll show his fans, living or dead, what it means to be the man with a battle to fight, and an axe to grind...

Written and Directed by Stephen Bradley


Garth 'Mandrake' Kidd, Kevin 'Ballymun Bruiser' Metcalfe, Matt Ryan and Laura McGoran

Running Time 10 Mins




Hamster Heaven

Pillarstone Productions 

Two hamsters. One Cage. She is sleepy. He is concerned and when she is gone he goes to find her.

Written & Directed by Paul Bolger

Running Time 3 Mins



Jacopo and the Dancer

An ECA Production

Jacopo and the Dancer is the story of a young man who falls in love with a dancer. After going to see her dance Jacopo manages to slip into the theatre after it closes and finds himself inside as things begin to grow darker.

Written by Paul Ó Muiris & Ian Claffey

Directed by Paul Ó'Muiris

Running Time 5 Mins




 Fifty People - One Question

One Town - Fifty Different People - One Very Difficult Question 

Directed by Kamil Krolak

Running Time 11 Mins