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July 2012

Partly Cloudy

Medicine Hat Films

Fiona is dealing with the trials of being bridesmaid to her demanding sister Gillian.  Even with support from her two best friends Doc and Damien, the stress is about to take its toll...

Written and Directed by Mark Cogan


George Hanover, Ruth Hayes, Shane Casey, Frank Prendegast, Brian Fortune, Martina Carroll and Catherine Crowley

Running Time 15 Mins


A David Thorpe Film

Through tells the story of Damien, a young man who has lost everything important to him. Damien and Angela were once happily in love. Now Damien sits alone mourning the loss of his girlfriend, his happiness and everything else that is through...

Written by David Thorpe & Patrick O'Connor

Directed by David Thorpe


Jack Lowe and Linda Teehan

Running Time 6 Mins



Ireland, 1923. A young man, Padraig, returns home after having served in the British Army during World War One. He struggles to readjust to civilian life, his experiences of the trenches never far from his mind.

Written and Directed by John Corcoran


David Gallery, Jane McGrath, Ben Mulhern, John Carey, David Brazil and Pascal Scott

Running Time 11 Mins

The Wedding Planners

A Timesnap Production

A young man is kept amused on a bus journey as he overhears a mother and her two sisters as they meticulously plan her daughter's wedding. A gentle tribute to the spontaneity of youth and the unquenchable optimism of Irish mothers.

Written and Directed by Declan Cassidy


Denise Geraghty, Diana O'Connor, Emmet O'Riabhaigh, Gemma Leah Devereux, Janet Little and Sharon Coade

Running Time 5 Mins

A Scare Less Ordinary

RML Films 

Fast paced film which tells the story Una who thinks she might be pregnant.

Confirming to herself from the net that she has all the early signs

while slugging glasses of wine. She finally does the test but her reaction

is somewhat unexpected...

Written and Directed by Rita Marie Lawlor 


Andie McCaffrey Byrne, Sinead O'Riordan, Jeff Doyle, Ian Meehan & Eoin Quinn


Running Time 7 Mins

The Boy in the Bubble 

Igloo Films

Rupert, a ten year old boy, falls hopelessly in love for the first time.  When it all goes terribly wrong, he wishes never to experience heartache again.

Turning to a book of magic, he invokes a spell to shield him from emotion forever.

Written by Kealan O'Rourke & Ray Kane

Directed by Kealan O'Rourke

Narrated by Alan Rickman

Running Time 8 Mins

Rapunzul - The Blonde Years

Just Write

Rapunzel is desparate to escape from her prison tower.  The handsome prince comes to rescue her but discovers there are situations where size really does matter.

Written by Trish Groves

Directed by Fiona Ashe

Starring Orlaith Doherty & Gordon Mahon

Running Time 2 Mins

For Sarah 

Wishka Films

For Sarah follows Sarah Jordan in the wake of her boyfriends death. She was the last person to see him alive and two days later, she remains the only person to have seen him dead. Alone together in their small apartment Sarah finds herself besieged by the demons of
her past.

Written and Directed by Vincent McEntee


Louise Cargin, Stee Mallon, George Bracebridge, Grace Kelley & Declan Reynolds

Running Time 20 Mins


Venom Films in association with Underground Cinema

He has nothing to lose.

She has evrything to lose.

Who's savagery is justified? 

Written and Directed by Johnny Elliott


Johnny Elliott, Mireia Pascual Aulesa and John E Regan

Running Time 18 Mins

The Dark Side of the Lens

Astray Films

Dark Side of the Lens is a short movie by Micky Smith a photographer of Astray Films. Here he takes us into his world of water sports though the dark side of his lens. There is something so dark and sad about the beginning of this film up until the narrator starts to speak. From the crashing of the waves to Micky’s compelling monologue, it’s a highly inspirational watch you need to see this after the break.

Directed by Mickey Smith

Running Time 6 Mins

The Underground

One Shot Entertainment

Set in the underground fight scene in Galway where crowds gather every weekend to see fighters battle it over large amounts of money. A retired but well known fighter  is caught up in making a comeback to the fight competitions as he now works for Galway gangster Lenny who has him forced into fighting due to the large debt his father owes him. As the fighter progresses to his final big pay day that will see him out of his contract he knows he must win the fight or lose it all.

Written and Directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny


Ollie Keogh, Steve Collins, Tom Ward, Eugene Horan, Mark Hutchinson, Rick Burn, Cathal Manning & Gary Minogue

Running Time: 25mins  

Give it Back

A Jeff Doyle Film

A mentally disturbed patient is convinced his therapist has stolen something from him, his delusions lead him to near fatal consequences

Written and Directed by Jeff Doyle


Jeff Doyle and Brian Fortune

Running Time 8 Mins

Taryn Barker 

Eagle Films 

When Taryn Barker's sister is abducted from school, she takes it upon herself to travel to the darkest corners of the city to save her. 

Written and Directed by Zoe Kavanagh 

Starring Jay Vasiljeva, Laura Rose Moore, Margaritta Grillis, Niamh Algar, Stephen McNulty & Kealyn Ryan 

Running Time 13 Mins

My Fathers Son

         Cedar Park Productions

My father's son is about JOHN, a teenage Boy living in a modern day working class estate with his mother and brother in a provincial Irish town. It deals with A few days in Johns life were he finds out he might have more in common with his absent violent father than he thinks

Written and Directed by James Mulholland


Matthew Kelly, Finn Connolly, Sharon Skerrit, Lyndia Mullanny, Warren Mahon

Running Time 19 Mins