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July Screening

Underground Cinema Season 10 - Screening 7
Thursday July 25th at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

The Sunny Side Up

Directed by Peter Kilmartin
PETER PRINGLE, and SUNNY JACOBS both served years in prison for crimes they did not commit. 
After being exonerated, what are the chances they both met and fell in love? This film explores how love can prevail, and hearts can keep beating when a soul is dragged through so much.

Running Time 11 Mins


Directed by Nigel Mulligan

In the fragments of our fantasy, we see our darkest reality!

DUST is a psychological thriller about contemporary addiction. Addiction to love, addiction to drugs, video-computer games and losing ones mind chasing the ultimate addiction: Fantasy!

Running Time 20 Mins

First Disco

Directed by Helen O'Reilly
It’s 1983, Culture Club are no. 1, everyone’s glued to Knight Rider, and Kelly Harrison is not only experiencing her first crush, she’s going to her first disco. The only problem is that she’s getting train tracks before her big night and becomes besieged by self consciousness. However with the help of her best friend, Kelly realises what’s really important in her life. 

Running Time 19 Mins

The Shift

Directed by Megan K. Fox
  It's the last disco of the Gaeltacht and thirsty fifteen year old Denise is determined to get her first shift against all odds. But when dreams become reality, will it be all that she imagined?

Running Time 13 Mins


Directed by Sean Brien
"Takbir" explores the experiences of a young group in hiding from a terror attack occurring on the street right outside their hiding place. Paranoia, stress and frustration quickly escalates and it doesn't take long before fear of death becomes just as frightening as death itself.

Running Time 6 Mins

Disco Dynamite

Directed by Tom Clover
A washed up roller disco champion, who vouched to never put his skates on again, must overcome his fear of the rink to go on a roller skating date with the new girl at work.

Running Time 10 Mins

Lost Memories

Directed by Eamonn Murphy
  Inspired by a true story. Seán races against the clock to his mother's deathbed while dealing with inter-family politics over the phone

Running Time 15 Mins

Critical Hit

Directed by Siobhan Hardt, Bobby McCune & Sinead Keane

While buying snacks for an upcoming role-playing game, Chester’s vivid imagination gives the bland world around him a fantastical twist.

Running Time 3 Mins

When to Fold 'Em

Directed by Pete Harris
    Two gangsters hunting down the loot of a robbery find that nothing goes to plan.

Running Time 12 Mins

Upon The Shore

Directed by Emer Casey
A short film devised and inspired by life, loneliness, mobile phones and a Yeats’ poem.

Running Time 12 Mins

Don't Let Me Down

Directed by Mark Smyth

  Laurence is fed up with the mundanity of life. He wants to go back to a time when he was freer... and happier. He finds an old friend, Socky The Sock Monster, who helps him start the journey.

Running Time 5 Mins


Directed by  Michael-David McKernan

A lonely taxi takes drastic action to protect a customer from heartbreak.

Running Time 16 Mins