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July Screening

Underground Cinema Season 9 - Screening 7
Thursday July 26th at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00


Directed by Matthew Blaney

Steel worker Jason is being plagued by an unsettling teenager. Is it sinister, or something far more disturbing?

Running Time 14 Mins

Lost and Found

Directed by Liam O'Neill

  Charlie and his recently widowed mom struggle to move on with their lives. There’s money trouble too. Charlie has a way with animals that allows him to devise a novel (and probably illegal) money making scheme. He’ll become the breadwinner, and scare off his mom’s real and imaginary suitors.

Running Time 22 Mins

The Five Obstructions

Directed by Steve Gunn

The 5 Obstructions is a short film about a boy and a girl who find themselves in a tricky situation.

Running Time 6 Mins

The Marksman

Directed by Conor Healy
An army sniper contemplates the lives of those he is tasked with eliminating.

Running Time 1 Min

Leap of Faith

Directed by Mark Smyth
Kelly longs for a connection, in a disconnected world.

Running Time 14 Mins

Turf (a love story)

Directed by James Cadden
  A Xmas tale about a little pricks prick getting a little prick.

Running Time 6 Mins

Fletchers Hit

Directed by Eli Jordan
A suicidal accountant drunkenly puts a hit on himself online. Regretting his decision in the morning he must take every precaution necessary to survive.

Running Time 12 Mins


Directed by Jannine Benkhardt
Do you create the evil – or do your circumstances feed the beast in you?

Running Time 18 Mins

At a Glance

Directed by Taofeeqat Olanlokun
At a Glance is a short dramatized documentary that focuses on a series of experiences and emotions evoked by real women on the subject of street harassment

Running Time 10 Mins

The Waiting is Over?

Directed by Dermott Petty
Vladimir and Estragon have been waiting for the elusive Godet. Could this be him? 

Is there a God? Will Estragon get his boots on?

Running Time 4 Mins

The Sandman

Directed by  Natalia Hermida
The Sandman goes round his nightly routine of putting people in town to sleep. All goes well until he accidentally puts a railway operator to sleep, and finds that he must seek a way to wake him up before two oncoming trains collide with each other.

Running Time 10 Mins

Mother I Joined The Circus

Directed by Paul Lynch
The Vincent(s) 

Mother I Joined the Circus
Music Video

Running Time 3 Mins


Directed by Matt Kavanagh
A young family’s life is shattered when they become victims of a Tiger Kidnapping

Running Time 14 Mins

Finding Charlie

Directed by Shauna Doyle
Matty is a 38 year old man who's life is stuck in a rut. He spends most of his time in the local, either having a pint or playing guitar on a Saturday night with his band. That is until one day, nineteen year old Charlie enters the pub looking for Matty's ex girlfriend from 20 years ago. Only one thought strikes Matty... could this be the child that they gave up for adoption all those years back?

Running Time 12 Mins

Sons of Morna

Directed by Fiona Graham
Sons of Morna by Cletachor
Music Video

Running Time 7 Mins