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July Screening

Underground Cinema Season IV - Screening X
Thursday July 25th at 700pm in the Eblana Club - Admission  €6


'Anna' is a cautionary tale of a young woman's entry into adulthood at an horrific cost.

Directed by Eamonn Tuttry

Running Time 11 Mins


Runner is a psychological drama about a young man who tragically kills a girl in a hit and run incident and foolishly tries to carry on with his life as though nothing happened.

Directed by Paddy Slattery

19 MIns

The Job

Four men.  One goal.  It should have been simple.

Directed by Gerry Shanahan

Running Time 10 Mins

The Note

An alcoholic is haunted by the events of a traumatic childhood. He now carries with him the item that he holds responsible - the note.

Directed by Ciaran Creagh

Running Time 22 Mins

Toy Soldiers

Sixteen year-old Shane finds himself in the reluctant position of baby-sitter to his kid brother Charlie while his mother is at work. Along with Shane's best mates Bean and Hally, their small rural town is the jungle gym where they spend most of their days. When Shane makes a seemingly innocuous discovery one day, he's and Charlie's lives are changed forever

Directed by Mike Hayes

Running Time15 Mins


A short film set in Dublin about the influence that heroin can have on the morals that make us who we are.

Directed by Dara McConnell

Running Time 26 Mins

The Handsome Shadows

A day of heartache for Doc is deepened when a face from the past reappears, shaking his world to its very core.

Directed by Mark Cogan

Running Time 12 Mins

Reserve - The Gathering 

Music Video

Directed by Alan Mulligan

Running Time 4 Mins

Coming Out

Coming Out is a 17 minute short film about loss.  Tom Lawlor stars as a Catholic priest being questioned by two detectives about a couple of gruesome murders.

Directed by Maurice O'Carroll

Running Time17 Mins

Alicia's Mask

Internet dating, ever tried it? Well Alicia Heart did, and after a year of being on her own she felt it time to take control, time to take her life back, time to change... That said, some changes are more difficult than others.

Running Time 6 Mins
Directed by Noel Brady


Everyone's first day is going to be tricky. Dealing with your nerves, office politics, mountains of work, nasty co-workers, not to mention a murderous fax machine out for blood. Today is Joe's first day and its going to be hell. 

Directed by Stephen Bradley
Running Time 13 Mins

Out There

When a man wakes up in the woods with no memory of how he got there, and blood dripping from his head, he wanders in search of help and an explanation - only to find more questions.

Running Time 15 Mins

Directed by Randal Plunkett

Underground Cinema Has A New Location, The Eblana Club in Dun Laoghaire.  Directions Below

3 Eblana Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

From the Dart Station in Dun Laoghaire:

Leave the DART station and cross directly across the road.

Turn right at the Town Hall beside the traffic lights and walk up Marine Road.

Take the first turn right down Eblana Avenue and the Eblana Club is number 3 Eblana Avenue, which right beside the old Christian Brothers School.

From the bus stop on Marine Road (no's 7, 45A, 75 & 46A):

Cross directly acros the road and take the first left on Marine Road (its the road directly behind St Michaels Church) down Eblana Avenue.  As above its 3 Eblana Avenue.

The Eblana Club