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 Stolen Wings 

Arcadia Video

A babysitter makes up an elaborate fairy tale to keep a little girl amused... but is she all she seems?

Written and Directed by Gerard Lough


Natasha O'Brien, Sasha Philips and Michael Parle

Running Time 4 Mins



Zodiac Films

Calibre is an action based comedy in the style of the 80's buddy films, but shot in a more contemporary climate of film making. It revolves around our two lead actors 'Conrad' and 'Baker' who are gunning for the same contract. The problem is only one man can get the lucrative job. Considering their curriculum vitae, we are in for a more competitive form of competition as we quickly find out they are both professional killers.

Through a series of flashbacks we learn about the relationship between Conrad and Baker and the job that is on offer. With a view to working as a unit we are brought along on a comedic and violent ride and discover that their working union can only go so far and only one way. With some unusual and witty dialogue, shootouts, stunts and general mayhem calibre will blow you away.

Written by Nicholas McLoughlin

Directed by Robert Kelly


James Cosgrave, John Mulvey, Catherine Fitzgerald, Sarah Carroll, Rachael Carey, Paul Burke, Patrick Murphy, Conor Hegarty, Philip Burke & Kathleen Riordan 

Running Time 14 Mins




No Regrets in the West

Last Light Films

The director offers an
intimate profile of his father Paddy Quinn. A film about family, memory
and cinema myth.

Writen and Directed by Colm Quinn

Running Time 6 Mins




Till Dawn 

Misty Productions

A convicted Bank robber who shot and killed a man is getting ready to be released from Prison, he is estranged from his wife and son, his wife comes to visit him and reveals she is dying of cancer and asks him to come home on release and re connect with her and the son,,, he agrees but the son is not happy about this and the film traces the womans last days and the father and son releationship.

Written and Directed by Paul Ward


Paul Ward, Julie Breen, Jay Mahoney, Gerard Mahony, Andrew Smith, Edele O'Neill, Niamh Markham, Aisling Connughton, Daithi O'Suilleabhan, Paul Byrne, John King and David Byrne

Running Time 26 Mins




Red Rage Films

Harry though his past was behind him.  He was wrong.  Forced back into the unforgiving brutal world he tried to leave behind.  Harry must do one last job for his old boss.  If he refuses, the girl dies.

Written & Directed by Brian O'Malley


Liam Cunningham, Gerard Carey, Kit M Tsang, Anna Sneyd, Dayboy Kelly, Brian Herron, Robert Boyd, Conan Sweeney, Leon Lu, Kamen Wong

Running Time 9 Mins



The Christmas Ward


The Christmas Ward is the story of a Cork family forced against their will to spend the holidays together around their dying fathers bed. 

What unfolds is a story of death, denial and free sunglasses.

Written & Directed by Allyn Quigley


Michelle Forde, Tony McCarthy, John Desmond, Carmel O'Leary, Frances Blackburn, Geraldine McAlinden & Eanna O'Leary

Running Time 15 Mins




Never Judge a Book

Trinity Films

Seeing is not always believing

A blood splattered Cop stares down the barrel of his own revolver, his death merely seconds away.  A religious nutcase recites the “Lord’s Prayer”, as he prepares to send the young Cop to his maker.  Outside a Police Marksman positions himself to try and save the day.  The Cop is made kneel as the lunatic cocks the gun.  The marksman takes aim.  A shot is discharged….

Written by Shane McCabe 

Directed by Jason Forde 


Brendan Dempsey, Alan Smyth, Sara James, Paul Roe, Liam Tuohy, Niall Walsh, Shane McCabe, Mark Huberman, Tim Ruddy, Antonio Mantero, Jools King, Luke Molloy & Alan King

Running Time 8 Mins



Vale Road

A Glenda Cimino Film

Adam, a young Irish American, arrives in Dublin to recover from a breakdown after his girlfriend Dolores' accidental death.  Though he knows she is dead, he is tormented by manifestations and memories of her.

While looking for a place to stay, he gets hopelessly lost.  A mysterious old man appears near a footbridge, and when Adam crosses it, he unknowingly enters into -what?  the past?, another dimension, or simply another aspect of his own madness?  In any case he is about to spend the worst night of his life.

Written & Directed by Glenda Cimino


Conor Drum, Daniela Vanasco, Tommy O'Neill, Phyllis Carty, Seamus Whelan, Rhiannon Lee Doyle, Dominic Lavin, Sean Ryan, Siobhan Hearty, Ian Walsh, Kitty Kavanagh, Jason Nelson, Jude O'Dochartaigh, Ashleigh Akins, Aishling Kavanagh, Karen Connolly, Elaine O'Sullivan, Camille Donegan, Siobhan Furlong

Running Time 30 Mins



Hows Nana

Hethwheel Pictures

"All his life James took from his mother. Now he has one last chance to give something back. But love can be the hardest debt to repay. "

Written & Directed by Derek Wheeler


Pat Haligan, Joanne Ardiff, Sarah McGrane, Suanne Lakes, Jonathan Talbot, Philip Deane & Mary Allen

Running Time 10 Mins





by David Geraghty

Music Video Directed by Simon Daniels




 Trailer from LightFilms

Project Blue beam

A Sci-Fi Film Noir Coming Soon

Directed by Timucin Leflef


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