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January 2012

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IADT & El Zorrero Films

A week after the war and at the tail end of Val and Andy’s mission, the pair soon find themselves back in harm’s way when they are confronted by one of the war’s victims

Written and Directed by Philip Sheerin


David Murray, Bob Kelly, Maeve Fitzgerald, Tiernan Fallon Verbruggen, Gary Devin & Matt Murdock

Running Time 15 Mins


  Promised Land

Redline Productions

Promised Land focuses two sets of friends and explores the price that can be paid for loyalty. It is a fast paced short which illustrates how quickly one event can dramatically change people’s lives.

Written & Directed by Daniel Corcoran


Adam Traynor, Eddie Jackson, Jacek Dusznik, Ignacy Rybarczyk & Colm O'Brien

Running Time 9 Mins

Black Mess 

A Marius Puodziunas Film

The assassin his job is everything – what he has and loves until one night when he gets a special order and has to face his inner demons

Written & Directed by Marius Puodziunas


Callaghan O'Connell, Tony Walsh & Suzana Bastos

Running Time 8 Mins




Sports Day

An Attic Production

St Bridgets Primary School cordially invite you to their annual sports day. The behaviours of parents, teachers and children are observed in this tongue in cheek mockumentary which calls into question the tumultuous nature of the drama and stresses surrounding the day and the pressures put upon the children competing. Will good conquer evil? Will the hero save the day? Will the children EVER stop crying?

Written and Directed by Andrea Cleary, Diane Jennings and Rua O’Donnachu.


Andrea Cleary, Diane Jennings, Jennifer Meade, Rua O’Donnachu, Conor O’Riordan and Daryl Sheridan.

Running Time 4 Mins



A Timesnap Film 

It was a lot more than the car that was wrecked in the accident which left Richard badly scarred. His relationship with Carmen is on the rocks and he seems to have given up. She is at her wit's end to keep it from sinking - even if that means confronting an uncomfortable past.

Written and Directed by Declan Cassidy

Starring Carmen Montero, Geraldine McAlinden, Joe McKinney, Patrick Bridgeman, Richard Wall, Rory Mullen, Patricia Fitzpatrick

Running Time 12 Mins





A Laurence Henson Film

The film tells the story of a homeless man, "Danny", about
his struggles and how he’s treated by society. The main character is played by actor Glen Gannon, who was himself a homeless man a few years back.

Written by Brian Gilloughley & Laurence Henson

Directed by Laurence Henson


Glen Gannon, Norette Leahy, Maeve O'Hagan, Brian McGovern, Seamus Murphy, Rita Grant, Margaret Croke, Gerry Shanahan, Declan Gillick, Andrew Lynch, Mark McCabe, Patrick Murphy, Brian Gilloughley, Jennifer Howe, Breda Curtis, Karl Marshall, Lyndsey Riddel, Ann O'Brien, Rachel Wallace, Avril Meade & Darren Kelly

Running Time 23 Mins




Lilly The Toaster

A Tess Masero Brioso Film

Lily The Toaster tells the story of a woman who, after a personal tragedy, decides to adopt an unusual pet.

Directed by Tess Masero Brioso

Running Time 10 Mins 





One For The Road

Misty Productions

This tale is narrated in the first person by Booth, an elderly resident of a small town that neighbors Jerusalem's Lot, Maine. The main part of the story is set a couple of years after the events of 'Salem's Lot. Booth describes a winter's night years ago, when he and his friend,  attempted to rescue the family of a motorist named Gerard Lumley, whose vehicle had become stranded in a ferocious blizzard. At first mildly contemptuous of Lumley for driving in such weather, both men are horrified when they realize that Lumley's vehicle is stranded in Jerusalem's Lot. It is widely known that "the Lot" has gone bad, but they still decide to drive out in a snow plough and attempt to save Lumley's family. Instead, they barely manage to save themselves from the man's wife and daughter, who have been turned into vampires...

Written & Directed by Paul Ward


Reggie Bannister, Adam Robitel, Danny O'Connor, Audrey Walters, Sydney Ackman, Karen Anrews & Drew Walters

Running Time 25 Mins


Love Me Longer 

A Michael Higgins Film

Neil Hits Rock Bottom with the band.

Written and Directed by Michael Higgins


Neil Thomson

Running Time 5 Mins