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January Screening

Underground Cinema Season 9 - Screening 1
Wednesday January 31st at 8pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00


Directed by Roisin Kearney
Two different personalities meet while waiting on their respective dates and chat about internet dating, can love by numbers really work? Or does that rule out the notion that opposites attract?

Running Time 9 Mins

The Sad Ones

Directed by Paddy Murphy
The Sad Ones is a story of loss, grief and ghosts. Peter Mitchell is haunted by a ghost of his past. His care worker, Karen, tries to help him but Peter is running from any assistance. He is called forward, by The Sad Ones.

Running Time 9 Mins


Directed by  Kevin de la Isla O'Neill
Busy-body mother Maureen battles Principal Finan during a parent-teacher meeting concerning her son Greg and his unusual behaviour during the school’s nativity play rehearsals.

Running Time 10 Mins

Grounds for War

Directed by Patrick O'Shea
Terry wakes up bleeding and starts on his journey to get his ex Emily back.

Running Time 9 Mins


Directed by Philip Ledingham
Sophie tells the story of Archer, a time machine operator who is plagued by an event in his past, for which he feels responsible, but believes he can reverse.

Running Time 14 Mins

The Conversation

Directed by Gerard Walsh
Lisa finds out that breaking up with Tim is even harder than she thought.

Running Time 10 Mins

Trapped Within

Directed by Klara McDonnell
Music video by Klara McDonnell

Running Time 3 Mins


Directed by Rebecca Singleton
Podge, a lonely mortician, can only find love in magazines. This is until tragic circumstances presents love to him forcing him to choose between morals and desire.

Running Time 15 Mins

Ghetto Child

Directed by Anja Celine Pedersen
Music Video by  Herbie Kawuma ft. Siriusleh

Running Time 3 Mins

The Crooked Path

Directed by  Jannik Ohlendieck
Warren O'Reilly, a lost individual who having gone down the wrong path after being abandoned at a young age is at a crossroads in life. He is living in a miserable cycle until he receives a message from his ailing mother asking for forgiveness. Will he continue on the dark path he has set out for himself or revelate towards a more meaningful existence?

Running Time 25 Mins


Directed by Max Barry & Ryan Mortell
"Cubicle" written and directed by Max Barry and Ryan Mortell follows the story of two low ranking IRA members pre-Good Friday Agreement as they attempt to finalise an arms deal with a Dublin gangster. But under the pressure and influence of alcohol (and other substances); things get rapidly out of hand.

Running Time 6 Mins


Directed by Georgias Mastrakoulis

A man is assaulted by a group of young men. The assault is recorded, the video goes online and becomes an instant hit. Life through a lens proves to be far more engaging than the real thing!

Running Time 8 Mins