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The Wonderful Story of Kelvin Kind

Fastnet Films

Kelvin Kind, a wonderful loser with a heart of gold, is blissfully unaware of his own loneliness.  But when a beautiful gil moves into the apartment across the hall, Kelvins solitary world is turned upside down.  As he tries in vain to get the girls's attention, Kelvin is soon forced to realise that being in love isn't easy for nice guys...

Written and Directed by Ian Power

Starring Bern Deegan, Keith McErlean, Joanne King, Doreen Keogh

Running Time 15 Mins




Cinnte Productions Ltd. 

After meeting a man in a supermarket and agreeing to go on a date, Kim
is brutally subjected to date rape. With the courts failing to convict
her rapist, he is free to walk away from what he has done, whereas it
is clear Kim is unable to simply move on.

"She would never forget the one that got away."


Nicole Elizabeth, Keith Ward & Therese Mitchell.

Written & Directed by Kathy Raftery

Running Time 6 Mins



The Knife

A Colm Quinn Film

A study on the isolation of living with neuropathic pain, focusing on the story of Dr. Annette Hunter who resides in Donegal, Ireland.

Made as part of "Reeling in the Pain" - Neuropathic Pain Awareness Campaign 2009.

A Documentary Directed by Colm Quinn

Running Time 4 Mins



Camp Climate

A Dave Donnellan Film

This documentary followed the people putting on the Climate Camp 2009 in Ballyshannon, county Offaly. They are a mixed bunch of all ages: teachers, students, gardeners, media analysts, campaigners and many more. They came together in September 2008 to start thinking about how they could jump-start Ireland’s response to climate change with a fun, peaceful, creative camp. They believe it’s time to stop the damaging policies of our government and climate polluting industries in Ireland - peat cutting and burning, coal burning, our transport dominated by cars, airport expansion plans and unnecessary emissions from agriculture. The documentary is about their journey.

A Documentary Directed by Dave Donnellan

Running Time 15 Mins

Four Horsemen

7 Tower Productions

Set in a near future, this is a timeless tale adapted from the book of Revelations about the struggle of Life when pitted against War, Famine, Death and our main character ‘Pestilence’.  It tells the tale of the third Horseman, Disease, who enters a desolate town in the guise of a swords man. As he tries to come to terms with mortality he must also sustain his body and so begins a search for food. This however leads him to a church, run by a woman priest who is less than welcoming after already having encountering Famine and War. After a brief parley and a lightening fight between the swordsman and the priests ‘disciples’, we discover that the swordsman is indeed disease and will feed only on life itself.  But life is resilient and cunning. Will she find a way to survive?

 Writtenen and Directed by Robert Kelly


Feidlim Cannon, Gerry Wade, Jesse Bartley, Anthony Breathnach, Rebecca Grimes, Gavid Kelly, Ger Considine, Ruth Negga, Martyn Merlehan, John Mulvey & Jame Cosgrave

Running Time 14 Mins 

End it All

An Anthony Downes Film

When Shane finds himself in trouble from his past, he decides to take matters into his own hands.  What unravels becomes an internal stuggle between right and wrong.

Written & Directed by Anthony Downes


Mark Cosgrave, Jeff Doyle, Owen Martin Griffin, Paddy McNally & Anthony Downes

Running Time 7 Mins



Hear Me Now

22:22 Productions

In a picturesque riverside setting of a genteel period England, Marie is a woman scorned. Upset and angry she argues petulantly with her lover Henry. He decides to use a charm offensive to counteract her hostility. And he has a trump card up in his sleeve (or rather an engagement ring in his pocket). Conflict turns to arch romance as the couple lean in for a classic Hollywood-kiss. Then he blows it...

Written & Directed by Amy Joyce Hastings


Rachael O'Shea, Tom Sawyer, Graham Cruz & Charlie Endean

Running Time 3 Mins



Till We Meet Again

POW Pictures 

 Dan Roach has witnessed the horrors of the first world war and wants to now live in peace but upon returning to Ireland in 1919, he finds himself caught up in a new war. As Irelands war against Britain intensifies , Dans part in it does so too.

Written & Directed by Kevin McKeough


Kevin McKeough, Seamus Walsh, Joe Heron, Jim O'Neill, Francis Duffy, Nicky Hoare, John Cox, Darren Kerr, Francy McKever, Martin Markey, Sean Callan, Stephen McQuillan, Michael Kerr, Colin McCoy, Gerry Coyle, Danniel McGeogh, Christopher McKeough, Tiernach O'Neill, Maureen McGeough, David O'Neill & Jim O' Neill

Running Time 23 Mins

Love Storey

Gerry, a lonely security
guard, has his nightly routine disrupted by the presence of Joan, a new security guard in the building opposite. Can romance blossom ten storeys up?

Written  by Kevin Fetherson

Directed by Flynn Von Kleist


Jack Walsh, Niamh Shaw, Don Conroy, Jack Lowe, Aoibheann McCaul, Danny Kehoe, Dermot Lyndski & Anthony MacNamee

Running Time 12 Mins



The Fear I Fear by Fiona Melady

Music Video Directed by Simon Daniels

Design for Life


 Running Time 4 Mins

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