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February 2012

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 Ursulas New Job

A Ger Boland and Paul Sheehan Film

Ursulas Children are reared.  Feeling redundant at home she finds a part time job in a pharmacy.  She is often bewildered by the array of characters she encounters and how she is treated as an older woman in the work place.  Ursula doesn't quite know how to react to all the attention she attracts but it seems clear that the sense of purpose she hoped to regain from paid employment remains unreachable to her. 

Written by Sheila Peelo

Directed by Paul Sheehan


Sandra O'Rourke-Glynn, Owen Murray, Janet Little, Eilish Rafferty, Gerard O'Shea, Rachel Fleming & Martin O'Connor

Running Time 17 Mins


The First Fireworks

The Actors Place in Association with October Eleven Pictures

This film tells the story of two women - mother and daughter - as they relive cherished moments from their shared past at a haunting location that carries deep meaning for them both.


Written by Alex Broun


Directed by Jason Figgis




Mary Callaghan and Joan Fleetwood


Running Time 20 Mins



 Man On A Hill

Headland Pictures 

 A writer strives for a simple story despite the egos, angels, ex-girlfriends and ogres persistent on getting in the way

Written and Directed by Jeremy O'Hanlon


Colm Mahon, James Mahon, Ursula Woods, Rob O'Reilly & Jeremy O'Hanlon

Running Time 12 Mins







Media Factory 

Nuts is a dark comedy. Underneath the obvious comic elements, there are bigger issues at play: the much overlooked men’s health issue of testicular cancer, and the closeted racism among Ireland’s middle-class professionals.  This short film is novelist and screenwriter (Trainspotting) Irvine Welsh’s directorial debut.

Written by Irvine Welsh & Dean Kavanagh

Directed by Irvine Welsh


Joe McKinney, Olga Wehrly, Gabriel Akujobi, James Akpotor, Rachel Rath, Graham Cantwell, Steve Wilson, Emer Martin, Janee Rambocus, Celine Mullins

 Running Time 16 Mins





Killer Instinct 

A Big Lizard Production

Terrorist (Danny Gleeson) is holding 8 Dublin office workers for ransom. As he plays his sick game of terror.The hostages must decide who is to be executed next before the hour.

Fear, mistrust and betrayal set in as the hour fast approaches.Unexpected help eventually comes from a co-worker (Ian Condron) but at a heavy price.

Written and Directed by Ian Blair


Conor Marren, Danny Gleeson, Ian Condron, Fiona Kelly, Justyna Koss, Libby Russell, Amy Flood

Running Time 33 Mins3


The Road of Souls

Mixed Bag Media 

'The Road of Souls' is a new short film about a moment in time that captures the imagination of an eleven year old boy. The story follows Patrick as he discovers a stranger in his life has more to offer than he first thought. Set in County Clare Ireland in the 1950's, the film is a charming tale of childhood memories and the moments that we remember forever.

Written by PJ Curtis

Directed by Garret Daly 


Emmet O'Doherty, Michael Keane, Peter Daffy, Maura Clancy and Pat Costello

Running Time 18 Mins


Last Sunday

A Dean Kavanagh Film

An experimental film directed by Dean Kavanagh.  Dean is a member of the experimental film society.  Its aim is to produce and promote films by its members. Experimental Film Society unites works by a dozen filmmakers scattered across the globe, whose films are distinguished by an uncompromising, no-budget devotion to personal, experimental cinema.

Written and Directed by Dean Kavanagh


Leon Kavanagh & Natalie Kavanagh

Running Time 10 Mins