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January Screening

Underground Cinema Season 9 - Screening 2
Thursday February 15th at 8pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00


Directed by Melanie O'Donnell
With the help of her psychiatrist, Ciara, a young patient seeks to purge her mind.

Running Time 7 Mins

Date Night

Directed by Ross Carey
A woman gets herself all dressed up for a big first date. A blind date is always a big deal. However, far more lies ahead than could be expected.

Running Time 12 Mins


Directed by Philip Lewis
When 2 thieves break into a house, a shocking discovery changes their plans.

Running Time 10 Mins


Directed by Barry Fahy
Doors follows the relationship of Conor and Emma as they struggle with dealing with mental health.

Running Time 10 Mins

Double Trouble

Directed by Oisin MacFarland Smith
Things get out of hand when Sam brings a Ouija board home after a day out with the lads.
So you think you're a winner? Better ask the Ouija then!

Running Time 14 Mins

The Shore

Directed by  Daniele Bizzozzero
An alcoholic hell-bent on self-destruction unexpectedly gets one last chance to make amends for a terrible past.

Running Time 7 Mins


Directed by Annika Cassidy
PEEL is a raw, powerful short film that captures the painful effects of alcoholism on a family, as witnessed through the eyes of those who pick up the pieces. A story that unfortunately many can relate to in Ireland and around the world.

Running Time 9 Mins

Little Devil

Directed by John Andrew O'Rourke
Ritchie, an autistic teenager, leaves home, the day he is due to visit his dying Gran. His older brother Finbar assumes Ritchie has gone missing and informs their Mother who is with Gran. He eventually decides to make his own way, enlisting his ex-girlfriend for a lift. As Gran is counting her last breaths, Ritchie just so happens to have an item in his possession that must be delivered on time.

Running Time 19 Mins

Hammer Time 

Directed by Keith Moran
Young man becomes enveloped in crime.

Running Time 15 Mins

Start Tomorrow

Directed by  Craig Reynolds
Arthur wants to hand out CVs so he can get a job. Already struggling with motivation, he must argue his way past the mouth in his room that is dedicated to ensuring he stays in and goes nowhere.

Running Time 6 Mins

Dead Love

Directed by Issac Rodriguez

A lonely man finally finds true Love.

Running Time 2 Mins

The Lollipop Man

Directed by  Danilo Zambrano
Liam Timmons, an idiosyncratic lollipop man, lives a rigid lifestyle. When he befriends Monica, a free-spirit substitute teacher, his life is turned upside down.  The Lollipop Man is a story about loneliness, friendship and coping with the death of a loved one.

Running Time 14 Mins