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December Program 2009

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Burren Productions

The Manband script follows two music producres, Louie and Joey on a new assignment to find the next hottest thing for reality TV.  As former promoters of boybands it only seems logical that Joey would inspire to create a Manband. 

The television company plans to film their new creation from discovery to reality.  From this point the film takes off, involved in auditions, television sabotage, bad folk music, bad dancing and a Manband of misfits.

Written and Directed by Dermott Petty


Pat Towne, Jonathan Mangum, Jaclyn Fjestad, EE Bell, Timothy V Murphy, Kevin Kearns, Kurt Scholler, Michael Wallot, Harrison White, Peter Mattsson, Grace Harrell, John Wayne Winningham, Richard Livingston, Steve Filice, Mandie Brady, Mao Karisu, Eve Flower, Que Que Cola, Fukakusa Velvet, Jackie Maekawa, John Meza, James Oor, David Pimental, Lizann Warner, Robert Mercado, Alex Ritiah, Jason Shomer, Brett Sunshine, Caterina Barrett, Ryan Smith, John McKenna, Oren Geshuri, David Bickford, Leah Mangum, John Maynard, Liam Tuohy, Jennel Riley, Moira Quirk, Ryan Leroy, Josh Flaum, Tony Cicchetti, Ed Brigader, Pablo Moix, Susanna Velasquez, Natalie Urquhart, Caisy Lun, John (Bon) Meza, mike (Van) Halleen, Phylis Krammer, Shane Finnerty, Johnny O'Callahan, Denis O'Dell, Ralph Cooper, Jacklyn Johnson, Priscella Meza, Bridget Fonda, Amy Johnson, Shannon Gibson, JR Coles, Tony Brady, Mike Brady, Barry Brady, Anthony Bracy, Brian Harnett, Peter Johannson, Kierna McGarrell, David A Werner, James D Allen, Reny Merriex, Vera Kassedjian, Kairo Yamamoto, Erina Hung, Kristen Wong, Eiko Sato, Mee Vaj, Shiho Nakano, Madie Taketa and Dermott Petty


 Running Time 70 Mins




A Shaggy Dog Story 

A Crazy Horse Production

"I wish I was Mr Snuggles!!!", careful what you wish for, it might just come true!!!

Written by the full team and Directed by Noel Brady


Dianne Jennings, Keith Patrick Byrne and Mark Kelly

Running Time 6 Mins




 Tóg Mise Leat

A Bluehair Production

 It's Christmas Eve when Daithí discovers that all is not as it seems.  Isolated and lonely, he sets out to change his future and escape from the fabrications of modern life.  As the clock ticks down, Daithí plans his departure

Written and Directed by Aaron O'Reilly


Jac Mordanut, Melanie Clark-Pullen and Tom O'Sullivan

Running Time 12 Mins





Your Only What I See Sometimes

A Donal Foreman Film

A girl travels home in the morning after a one night stand, reflecting on her experience.  I sensual and subjective film about the traces an intimate encounter leaves in our memories

Written and Directed by Donal Foreman


Hannah McDonnell & Elijah Egan

Running Time 9 Mins 




     The Blaxorcist

Three Way Productions

When a traditional exorcist can't get the job done, call the Blaxorcist, for all you soul saving needs.

Written and Directed by Edward King


Marcus Valentine, Tim Dillard, Donna Nikolaisen, Nuala Kelly and Emma West

Running Time 5 Mins




The Discreet Charms of the Refugee

A Colm Quinn Film

An African Irishman auditions for a role in  film depicting a civil war drama, but a zealous director has ideas he's unsure about.

Written and Directed by Colm Quinn


Valtka Alec, Regina Dwomoh, Tyron Rickets and Moeko Ishida

Running Time 6 Mins




Mammoth Films

Shannon Airport 1994, the Irish Government waits for Boris Yelsin to come come off his plane.

Written and Directed by Stephen Burke


Donal Kelly, Gary Cooke, Frank Coughlan and Tomas O'Suilleabhain

Running Time 4 Mins



The Amazing Adventures of Captain “Rex” O’Reilly

A Phoenix Artz Production

Dublin, Ireland.  Under the Spire in O’Connell Street lies the secret headquarters of Captain ‘Rex’ O’Reilly.  The Spire is an antenna, which intercepts transmissions from around the galaxy, and powers a massive shielding system which protects the earth from the Sultan of Doom. 

But Doom has mysteriously kidnapped O’Reilly’s sidekick, the glamorous Gail O’Grady.  The ransom:  the code to deactivate the Spire. 

Gail, manacled in his Lair of Doom, pleads with Rex not to give in to the Sultan’s demands.  He must save the earth and save her.  Rex, however, is determined to save both.  

Written and Directed by Noel Brady


Patrick Murphy, Dianne Jennings and Gerry Wade

Running Timne 2 Mins



Special Screening of the new music video


by Deano

Directed by Paul Ward


Watch the Official Trailer of Bing Baileys

Portrait of a Zombie

Before the Main Feature

Organ Hill Films

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