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December 2012

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A Robert Hamilton Film

On his way home from an underground boxing match, Mass is attacked. He wakes up in a police station with only a hazy idea of what happened

Written by Robert Hamilton & Lauterio Zamparelli

Directed by Robert Hamilton


Lauterio Zamparelli, Nick Denan, Luke Kemp, Tim Cryer, Matt Plumb, George Brockbanks, Owen Pullar & Raffaelle Zamparelli

Running Time 7 mIns




In So Many Words

An Alan Dunne Film

A diverse look into Dublin's night life at the weekend, seen through the eyes of a lonely but optimistic taxi driver named Martin. As the night progresses, Martin picks up different people throughout the city, from an old patriotic barman, to an angry black guitarist from America and through these encounters Martin struggles to keep his optimism.

Written and Directed by Alan Dunne


Joe Dermody, David Clune, David Khalid Fawaz, Cathy Whealan and Mick Fitzgerald

Running Time 18 Mins



A Film By Colin Reid

An average guy finds himself an unsuspecting victim to the cosmos’ fickle whims when he is forced into challenging society’s views of what is considered normal. The only thing that this average Joe wants is to be as he originally was, but he should be careful of what he wishes for.

Written and Directed by Colin Reid

Running Time 4 Mins



E.E.T Productions 

Wes Harris a young male in his twenties former musician has the weight of the world on his shoulders and it shows. Hiding a deep secret he doesn’t know where to turn for strength and guidance. He embarks on a journey of self discovery through the very thing that’s left that makes sense to him – music. Along the way he meet’s a young singer/songwriter, Hannah Dawson. Through this chance encounter both find meaning in music that they so passionately relate to and find a friendship that teaches them more than they thought they’d find.  Is it enough for Wes to let go of his fears and confess his secret and will it give courage to Hannah to let the world into her music.

Written and Directed by Eamonn Tutty


Alan Sherlock, Claire Malone & Stephen Harris 

Running Time 22 Mins



Dunsany Productions

Walt is the story of two outcasts who find themselves through an unlikely friendship.  The relationship between both of them strengthens through their passion for fishing, but lif is rarely so simple and happy endings are fewer.

Written and Directed by Randal Plunkett


John E Regan, Cian Lavelle Walsh, Hannah Leanne Crowley & Shane Kennedy

Running Time 23 Mins



Sin É 

 National Film and Television School

After a year of living in London, Ger, a young Dubliner returns to the house he grew up in. Along with his glamorous girlfriend Sara, he's reluctant to stay until he is faced with a surprise party from family and old friends. Throughout the night, Ger becomes consumed by past feelings of regret, love, and who he really is.

Written and Directed by Seán Branigan


Gerard Kelly, Aoibheann McCaul, Jane Myers, Mark McCabe, Paul Butler Lennox, Brian Robinson, Nathan Gordon, Vincent Browning, Diana O'Conor & Bernie Butler

Running Time 28 Mins



Cold Kisses

Regenerate Media

Lou, an ordinarily focused person, is distracted from a nearing deadline by Gina, a nervous colleague who doesn't like to mix work and pleasure.  As time runs out, however, Lou and Gina's professional and private lives become increasingly entwined.

Written by Siobhan Killen

Directed by Tess Motherway


Rebecca Ward, Sj Seymour, Frances Healy & Tim Casey.

Running Time 7 Mins


A selection of brilliant sketches from the Ghost Train Willy Team