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December Screening

The Underground Cinema Christmas Screening will take place in the 
Kingston Hotel Dun Laoghaire at 730pm - Admission just €6

Uisce Beatha

A Shaun O'Connor Film

A young man leaves his home in rural Ireland to cross the ocena on the doomed 'Titanic'.  But a night of celebration beforehand results is a twist that will affect his lfate dramatically

Writtne by Tadgh Hickey

Directed by Shaun O'Connor

Running Time 8 Mins


Barbershop Triplet Productions

A battle of wits develops during a Tiger kidnapping betweeen one of the kidnappers and one of the victims, a snobbish bank managers wife

Written  by Eilis Meranga

Directedby Cathal Nally

Running Time 10 Mins

Prodigal Son

Story Factory Ireland

Shadowy US medical company Prodigal Inc. bring a mobster back from the dead, to the horror of his deveoted mother, and without reckoning on the son's enigmatic young killer returning to finish the job.

Written & Directed by CJ Scuffins

Running Time 18 Mins

The Listener

Pillarstone Productions

A man listens to the world, but what he hears is not always what he sees. 

Written & Directed by Paul Bolger

Running Time 1 Min


A Traolach O'Murchu Film

Kara is a dark drama that sees a young woman follow a nightmarish creature to an isolated farmhouse occupied by an elderly male stroke victim and his female carer. The young woman starts to uncover memories that she has repressed and we begin to understand that she has been here before.

Written and Directed by Traolach O'Murchu

Running Time 8 Mins


Music Video by 3 Epkano

Directed by Tony Flynn

Running Time 5 Mins


An Open Window Film

Trevor Barrett, a single father down on his luck, finds romance on the internet .

Written & Directed by Dave Thorpe

Running Time 5 Mins


One Shot Entertainment

The world has ended over 6 weeks and is now ran by Undead Zombies who are infecting people. A group of survivors lead by Franky make their way towards an old abandoned factory as it holds some food and water. Documented by another survivor we see the group come to battle with the undead as they fight to survive.

Written and Directed by Stepehn Patrick Kenny

Running Time 10 Mins

Text Messages Hurt More When Your Sitting At The Airport

October Eleven Films

A guy gets a text message at the airport from his girl friend. She is dumping him. A nosy woman beside him butts in and annoys him. A tirade ensues.

Written by Alex Broun

Directed by Jason Figgis

Running Time 9 Mins


A Lima Upton Fillm

They're only wish is to live happily with those they care for, but despite their best intentions, Éamonn and Sorcha can't help falling from grace.

Written & Directed by LIam Upton 

Running Time 20 Mins


50lbs Films

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but in the art world,
imitation is the difference between a small fortune and a very large fortune.

Written and Directed by Pauric Brennan
Running Time 12 Mins

The Reunion

Tree Arch Cinema

The film is about passing and the prospect of life after death.

Written and Directed by Simon Doran

Running Time 3 Mins