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Corporate Video Production

Health & Safety Videos

We individually examine your safety campaign with you.  Collectively we arrive at a creative approach that will motivate your workforce towards safer behaviour, and greater compliance with your safe systems of work.

Health & Safety Video & DVD Production

Health & Safety videos can be extremely creative.  They are produced to spearhead safety campaigns you’re running, campaigns that need greater impact so they deliver changes in attitude within the workplace.

Safety Campaigns can include:

  • Accepting new safe behaviours and procedures as the accepted norm in everyday work culture
  • Redressing safety issues that have resulted in failed commercial tenders, or being taken off a tender list.
  • Developing Manager & Supervisor level awareness of a new safety strategy.
  • Promoting safety awareness of major hazards, such as Danger Zones
  • Changing PPE requirements, such as gloves, glasses, high lace-up boots etc
  • Accident or incident reconstruction and investigation, with clear “lessons learned” and learning outcomes
  • Whatever is central to safe behaviour in your organisation!

We provide a comprehensive health & safety video production service:

  • Script, storyboard and creativity
  • Full shoot and edit
  • Post production, graphics and audio production
  • Delivery as DVD, MPEG2 and web stream

Induction Videos

Induction Videos

Induction Videos are specialised films that fall broadly under the realm of training.  The main difference with Induction Videos is that they are aimed specifically at new staff members who have just started at a company. The purpose of an induction video is to help new employees understand company policies and procedures, basic security information and company background and culture.

We combine our know-how with yours to deliver a compelling video storyline.   It will ensure your induction video is genuinely motivating and informative, and not merely a mind-dulling repetition of the rules.

What your New Staff Induction Video will deliver

  • Competence: Your Induction Video will ensure your new staff have the competence to comply with your Safe Systems of Work
  • Safe Behaviour:  It will encourage a proactive attitude towards safe behaviour
  • Visible Demonstration: It will visibly demonstrate your proactive approach to safety awareness and competence to interested 3rd parties
  • Good Impression: It will give new staff a good first impression of your company or organisation
  • Save Time: It will save you time when inducting, typically reducing half a day of chalk-and-talk to 15 mins of video viewing
  • Deliver Consistency: It will always be consistent, delivering a perfect repeatable induction message every time
  • Validation: It can be followed by multiple choice questionnaires – as workbook or interactive DVD – to validate proficiency

Web Videos

Show Off Your Business

Adding video content to your website is a great way to make your business stand out online. Here’s why…

Improved visibility online

Websites incorporating video content score more points with search engines, giving you an edge over competitors who don’t use it.

As well as including the video on your own website, you can host it on video sharing sites. The best known, YouTube, is one of the world’s most visited websites and is now owned by Google. So linking your YouTube video directly to your website is also a good way to boost your search engine optimisation 

Better visitor engagement

Once visitors arrive on your site, video is an excellent way to communicate with them. Watching and listening to well-produced video content is more engaging than reading text and demands less effort. Most people also remember information conveyed in audiovisual format better than information they read.

Easier communication

Complex messages are often hard to communicate with written words, even when accompanied by static images. On the other hand, an online video presentation will immediately bring your message to life in a way that your audience will relate to and remember.

Making a Web Video in 5 Easy Steps

Working with your team to develop the most persuasive video script you’ve ever seen, bar none

We consistently deliver brilliant scripts. It’s our job. This is crucial as the script is the engine that powers your video. With any marketing project we don’t stop until you feel it’s the most persuasive marketing script you ever read. To ensure this we involve the right people to deliver the most effective input into your script from your team. 

Shooting using top camera operators and award winning directors.

To bake the best cake you need the best ingredients. So we provide top camera operators and award-winning directors as a matter of course. This approach will deliver you two things: when all is going well, the video crew will bring home compelling visual results. If unforeseen shoot problems occur, the crew will have the experience, the motivation and the resourcefulness to fix it – so no one will ever know a problem occurred. Better ingredients. Better cake. 

Over the last five years, accident reports both in the Republic of Ireland and the UK show that over 60 employees were killed and 5000 seriously injured in haulage and distribution - simply doing their job. Another 23 000 suffered injuries severe enough to keep them off work more than three days. These figures take no account of work-related ill health, for example from bad backs or stress.   This represents a higher rate of accidents to employees than either construction or agriculture, both widely regarded as hazardous industries.   A lot of these accidents and injuries could have been avoided by adequate training in the workplace.

Almost all deaths and injuries arise from just four kinds of accident, most often during loading and unloading or maintenance of vehicles: 

■  being struck by a moving vehicle

■  falling loads

■  falls from vehicles

■  collapsing or overturning vehicles

Issues such as use of handbrakes, safe positioning of drivers during loading and unloading with fork-lift trucks, propping of vehicles during repair work and climbing up on vehicles have to be tackled. 

Underground Cinema will work with your training expert to put together a comprehensive training video for all new and existing employees.  Typical training modules for staff can include:

■ understanding drivers hours, working time and tacograph recording

■ daily walk around checks, defect report and safe loading

■ health and safety awareness for goods drivers, fuel efficient driving and safety on the road

■ emergency First Aid at work

■ record keeping

■ customer care



Poor training may result in action from HSA or local authorities. Transport risks, falls from height and manual handling are all priority areas for enforcing authorities, and all are common causes of accidents in road haulage. Heavy fines can be imposed for breaches of the Health and Safety , with unlimited fines and imprisonment possible if cases are heard in higher courts. Directors and managers can face prosecution as individuals if their acts or omissions led to the offence. 

Customer Presentation Videos

At Underground Cinema no one knows better then us, how competitive the freight market is. We are out in the field every day so we know what it is like. We know what it is like to try and secure that vital contract with your potential customer. From a big contract with a meat supplier to a massive contract with a pharmaceutical company, a video tender can seriously enhance your chances of securing that deal. Here’s what a video tender can tell your potential client:

  • Why your company’s logistic solutions beats all others hands down
  • Demonstrate visibly how your organisation is aligned with your customer’s needs and objectives
  • Prove the claims you make about your scope and capability
  • Show the size of your fleet and how it can manage your customers cargo safely and efficiently

Whatever points the deal may hang on, a video tender will make a bigger more lasting impression than just your run of the mill Powerpoint presentation.

How’s it done?


  • We research you – and your client – and your competitors.
  • We study the job.
  • We identify the key points in your tender that we both agree are the key differentiators.


  • We use our script-writing skills to make your message stand out in clear relief from the crowd.
  • We use the language of your industry, and all the subtleties and nuances your customer will expect
  • We show them a clear path to an easy decision
  • We invite you to sign-off and approve the script only when you think it’s arguably one of the best pieces you’ve ever seen written about your company.


  • We pay as much attention to this as any frontline production.
  • Your video can comprise existing footage, new footage, video library clips, stills & graphics, plus our skill in combining everything into a single coherent visual whole.
  • We back it up with top professional voiceover, or interviews, as required.
  • We master this with up to top quality music tracks, carefully selected to exactly match the mood of your aspirations at that point in the video.
  • All of this is carefully documented as a visual storyboard in advance, so you can see exactly how we intend to project your message.
  • We give you a “book of the movie”.


Delivery is by high quality mp4 and wmv for laptop and powerpoint playback. You can also display your video tender on iPads and iPhones

You do great work.  Your customers are happy.  They’re more than willing to recommend you to others, but maybe the opportunity never arises.  Producing a Customer Testimonial Video has the unique effect of reinforcing existing relationships – both by your business recognizing and appreciating its best customers, and by the customers themselves going through the process of crystalizing and expressing what it is specifically that they love about what you do.  It’s a great experience for everyone involved.

Underground Studios uses compact, lightweight equipment that allows for a quick setup and non intimidating environment.  We use tested interview techniques and a non intimidating environment.  We use tested techniques and a unique lightweight production process to make the customer testimonial video production process fast and painless for your volunteers, ensuring that your existing relationships are preserved (even enhanced) while building trust with new prospects.

To give you an example of how a customer testimonial can look, take a look at the video directly opposite.  This is a customer testimonial Underground Studios created for the Killarney Convention Centre.


Actors can play a large part at many video productions.  They’re used to bring scenes to life and to add credibility to your message.  Some uses of actors are obvious. For example where you need dramatic situations such as:

  • Re-enactments of a health and safety incident
  • Re-enactments of a selling situation or a customer demonstration
  • Demonstrating interpersonal skils

When you’re making a promotional video you can  use your own people or you can use a mix of actors, or just use all actors.   Whatever your decision, Underground Cinema work with some of the best actors in the country.  All of our actors work full time in the entertainment industry.  They are all professionals that have enormous amounts of experience in both television and film

Voice Over Artists

Probably one of the most important artists for your corporate video is your voice over artist.  They are the voice for your company, so it's important that you pick the right one.  Underground Cinema work with literally hundreds of professional voice over artists.   Many of our voice over artists have worked extensively in television and radio for RTE, BBC, Sky, and TG4 to name but a few.

Underground Cinema will present you with a number of different voice over reels so you can hear and select in advance, the artist that you feel would represent your company the best.

Make An Appointment

  • Free Consultation

Make an appointment for one of our team to call out to your office at a time that is convenient for you.   Our production team will go over the various different services Underground Cinema can provide for your company.  There is no charge for this meeting

  • Creative Meeting

After your introduction meeting, you can make an appointment to meet our Creative Director.  He will discuss with you the various different approaches he can use on your video shoot.  A Project Manager from your company will be assigned to work with Creative Director on the project from start to finish. Every aspect of the shoot will be discussed with the Project Manager to ensure that every detail is covered on the shoot.

  • Storyboard and Script Meeting

The final meeting before production begins. Make an appointment for our Production Teaml to visit your office and to go over the final script and storyboard before work on the production begins. Suggestions for voice over artists/actors will be made and final tweaks and revisions can be made to both the storyboard and script at this stage.  Dates for the actual shoot itself will be finalised at this meeting.

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