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August Short Film Program

Underground Cinema August Screening Part 1 - Thursday August 3rd at 730pm 
Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

Be Frank

Directed by Chiara Viale
After his girlfriend leaves him, Frank, who suffers with split personalities, kidnaps her and stages his very own private trial.

Running Time 12 Mins

Marky's Bad Week

Directed by Daniel Homwood
After having the worst week of his life, Marky decides to take the edge off with a spliff. But things go from bad to worse when he realises he's lost his nodge of hash

Running Time 6 Mins

The Timekeeper

Directed by Noel McElligott
A shy antique store owner tries to work up the courage to ask out a local barmaid but time is against him.

Running Time 14 Mins

White Lies

Directed by Stephanie Desmond
Music Video by Van Archer

Running Time 3 Mins

Island's Eye

Directed by Ivan Nurchis
Island's Eye is a Music Video dedicated to the magic atmosphere of the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Running Time 4 Mins


Directed by Paul Lynch
Music Video by The Vincent(s)

Running Time 3 Mins

Vampire Love

Directed by Vera Kuznetsova
The horsewoman has a weird dream. The next morning a stranger in white steals a horse from her stable...

Music Video
Running Time 6 Mins


Directed by Brian Deane
A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote Island community.

Running Time 15 Mins


Directed by Brian Deane
In the wilds of Connemara, an engineer and his daughter are targeted by an ancient and angry force from within the earth itself.

Running Time 12 Mins


Directed by Brian O'Neill
Following a string of murders and the robbery of a local crime lord, two bit mobsters Frank and Tony embark on their toughest challenge yet... nipping out to the garage in the middle of a homicide, it all seems so simple. 

Running Time 15 Mins


Directed by Daniel Corcoran
Miah is a middle-aged widower living on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. Although he has no wish to leave, he has become increasingly disconnected from the modern society that has left him behind. 

Running Time 17 Mins


Directed by Orlaith D'Arcy
Casey and Aisling find their vapid friendship under fire, as jealousy and betrayal begins to illuminate between them. Subsequently a petty game of give and take leaves an inevitable question mark over their apparent friendship.

Running Time 11 Mins


Directed by Kevin Littlewood
Old wounds are opened as three siblings wait for news on their father.

Running Time 16 Mins

The Box

Directed by Adam Collins
Driving down a dark country road, Niall picks up a strange man who's cradling a mysterious cardboard box. 

Running Time 10 Mins


Directed by Emma Jackson &  Igor Osipovs

Detective thriller set in Dublin

Running Time 8 Mins