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August Screening

Underground Cinema Season 10 - Screening 8
Thursday August 1st at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

Jill and Giles

Directed by Alison Byrne
‘Jill and Giles’ is a short human interest portrait documentary based on an English couple who have spent 20 years living and working on a boat with half of that time being spent on the River Shannon in Ireland. This documentary focuses on Jill and Giles’ initial decision to live on the boat, their work and hobbies. It explores the themes of unconventionality, freedom and belonging. 

Running Time 13 Mins


Directed by Amy Gallagher

Saoirse a 17 year old school girl is dealing with the breakdown of an inappropriate relationship with a teacher. We see the affect this is having on her, when the shy and inexperienced Biology teacher, Mr. Sherry, catches her in an erratic state, trying to aggressively gain access to a locked classroom after school hours. Presuming the reason behind her behavior is linked to leaving cert stress and pressure, he tries to help her.

Running Time 7 Mins

Our Land

Directed by Eoin Harnett
  ‘Our Land’ is a 6-minute documentary-short detailing Ireland’s reputation, culture, and future from the perspective of seven young inhabitants of the country. Stylised as a light-hearted reflection piece, ‘Our Land’ provides the spectator with an understanding of how the interviewees’ regard Ireland as a country ripe with personality, history, and an influence that stretches far across the globe.

Running Time 6 Mins


Directed by Stephen Clarke Dunne
  A man lost in rage and helplessness hears a voice in the darkness, calling him to a cause. A fight.

Running Time 2 Mins

The Rejected

Directed by Onur Doğan
  A woman who lives alone at home wants to get rid of her unborn baby by applying an abortion. But that won't be as easy as she thinks.

Running Time 9 Mins

The Wrestling Mantra

Directed by David O'Neill
Documentary film which follows two trainee wrestlers as they prepare to make their professional in-ring debut on the Irish wrestling scene. 
Running Time 27 Mins


Directed by Zahara Moufid
   As Pappy's forgetfulness segues into dementia he struggles to hide it from his family. While the only thing that keeps him anchored is memories of his late beloved wife, Rosie, by slow degrees his life becomes an emotional tragedy.

Running Time 21 Mins

Unknown Caller

Directed by Alastair Railton

Having left early in the morning, Chris pulls up on a deserted road, gun in hand. He sets his eye on the prize. Luckily, someone unknown to him has his best interests at heart. Solitude is only temporary.
Tragedies in his life have driven him to this point. He loads his gun and sets off for his destination. The phone in his pocket begins to ring, a call from an Unknown Caller? Answering it will change the course of Chris' destiny forever.

Running Time 9 Mins

Under Growth

Directed by Evin O'Neill
  When Hayley visits her dad for the first time since her mum dumped him, he's too hung-up and hungover to join in her games and she gets into a dangerous adventure of her own making.

Running Time 12 Mins

Autre Monde

Directed by Gary Sheridan
Music Video - Fever in May

Running Time 4 Mins

Change Your Ways

Directed by Darragh Foy

Music Video - Yankari

Running Time 4 Mins

I'm Gonna Be/500 Miles

Directed by Brian Karas

Music Video - Screaming Orphans

Running Time 16 Mins

Saving Grace

Directed by Siobhán Kavanagh

Three life long friends are forced out of their rut when they have to face losing one of the trio.

Running Time 13 Mins

9 Months

Directed by Michael Wohlfeld
Claire, an independent woman who is also a courier for a criminal organisation gets double crossed. With her life in danger she has to fight for herself and prevent a terrible thing from happening.

Running Time 11 Mins

Hear Hear

Directed by Emmet O'Brien
A one shot horror film about finding your voice. 

Running Time 5 Mins