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It's All About George

A Lecane/Field Film

Meet George & Irene. George likes to think he can make a difference. Irene is just looking for the simple relaxed life. Throw three kids into the mix and George the DIY expert along with your typical household arguments will have you thinking “Sometimes you are better left alone”.

Written & Directed by Roy Lecane & Don Field


John O'Donnell & Irene Morrisey

Running Time 4 Mins


Emu Productions

Jessie sees fragments. Details. More than the sum of their
parts. Sometimes sounds become deafening and she feels
like she can't breathe. And even though she knows it's wrong,
she knows what she has to do.

A story about the healing powers of the sea, seen through the
eyes of a young autistic woman who really shouldn't be there...

Written & Directed by Hugh O'Connor


Caoilfhiona Dunne, Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Negga, Brendan McCormack, Tommy O'Neill, Maura Shannon, Scott Graham, Chloe McCormack, Carmel O'Sullivan & Pat O'Brien

Running Time 11 Mins

The Carpenter and His Clumsy Wife

Vico Films

A carpenter repairs what he believes to be his wife's inadequacies

Written & Directed by Peter Foott


Glynis Casson, Sean Colgan, Nuala Kelly & Jim Sheridan

Running Time 14 Mins



 What If

Bootstrap Films

Written by Alan Walsh & Columb Farrelly

Directed by Alan Walsh


Simon Delaney, Hugh Lee, Niall Buggy, Joe Conlon, Amelia, Crowley, Britta Smith, Mary Murray, Guy Carleton, Phelim Drew, Shane Gately, Owen Roe, Tommy O'Neill, Roger Yuan,  Jennifer Laferty, Mario Bortas, Megan Buggy Philips, Vincent Fegin, Raymond Kelly, Paul Blaire, John Boorman, Jim Sheridan & Kevin Moriarty

Running Time 28 Mins


Henry & Sunny

A Film by Fergal Rock

Henry, an unemployed clown, is in love with the famous soap opera actress, Sunny Carmichael. He writes her letters daily yet fear of rejection prevents him from disclosing his return address. Sunny, stifled by showbiz, reciprocates Henry’s feelings but is tragically unable to reach him.

 Written & Directed by Fergal Rock


Paulo Braganca, Dorothy Cotter, Gavin Prior, Sam Jackson, Dan O'Sullivan, Tom Leddy, Frank Mackey, Matthew Keenan, Terry Russell, Paul Kiernan, Daniel Joyce, Sean Brady, Orla Delaney, Orla Maher, Eimear O'Reilly, Dermot Quinn, Colin Russell-Conway & Fergus Russell-Conway

Running Time 15 Mins


The Covies

Episode 3 - A Kind Of Loving - See's Vinnie's abusive relationship with
Bridie deteriorating even further.
An otherwise confident woman, Bridie reflects on the past for answers to
uncomfortable questions.

Written & Directed by Len Collins


Sarah Carroll, Paul O'Brien, Christopher Dunne, Natalia Kostrzewa & Ava Ryder

Running Time 14 Mins





Dreambig Films

Terry’s newest business venture is all going according to plan. The goods have arrived and with Pa and Dave to help, what could possibly go wrong.

Written & Directed by Mark Cogan


Aidan O'Hare, Shane Casey, James Browne & Damian Punch

Running Time 14 Mins




Near Future

Eekreb Films

What happens when a man and robot fall in love? What happens when the relationship ends?

Written by Steven Stubbs

Directed by Steven Stubbs & Ray Sullivan


Anthony Costine

Running Time 5 Mins

                                               Music Videos

Love in the Movies by Fiona Melady

Directed by Simon Daniels


Running Time 3 Mins



We Won’t Go On The Dole by Sharyn Hayden 

Directed  by Eoin C. Macken from Blank Canvas Pictures

Written by Sharyn Hayden


Running Time 3 Mins



 Mundane by Cisco

Directed by Timicuin Leflef


Running Time 3 Mins


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