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April 2012

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True D

Phoenix Artz Productions

 Sometimes in life it can seem to much, that we're alone, that there is no answer...John Walker was one such manwho thought this way.  Till one day at his wits end he sets out to end it all.  However on his journey he would learn some of life's lessons, lessons from the most unlikely of teachers. 

Written and Directed by Noel Brady. 


Michael Bates, Sinead O'Riordan, Conor Marren, Fergal Cleary, Hilary Cotter, Mark Schrier

Running Time 11 Mins 


No Messages

Tengger Productions

No Messages is a slice-of-life short comedy following Dave, a beleaguered Dublin barman, over the course of one long day. As he waits for an important phonecall Dave has to put up with advice from his hungover boss and the pub's irritating regular (aptly named The Cock as well as dealing with the nagging suspicion that he has no idea where the hell his life is going. But sometimes when you're drifting aimlessly, that much-needed kick up the arse can come when you least expect it.

Written and Directed by Cian McGarrigle


Rory Connolly, Dave Murray, Eric Lalor, Lacy Moore, Sharon Mannion, George Bracebridge, Dermot Murohy, Ian Meehan, Lola White, Howard Linnane, James Martinez, Dean Thompson, Steve Gunn, Amy Stephenson and Clare Barrett

Running Time 14 Mins



Indyskint Films

This is the tale of a man trapped in his own personal hell, a purgatory of sorts.  He becomes drawn to a strange woman, Shiloh.  In following her he witnesses her apparent suicide.  But that doesn't stop him...and his journey is only beginning.

Written and Directed by Dave Kavanagh


Steve Harris, Catherine Thomas Banks, Breid Morris, Liam O'Maoldhomhnaigh, Matt Ryan, Luke O'Reilly, Carl Stringer & Adam Cahill

Running Times 13 Mins




Mixed Bag Media

Set in the Irish midlands, a lone turf cutter encounters an interesting discovery on the boglands.

Written and Directed by Garret Daly


Paul Keating

Running Time 14 Mins


 Past Pupil 


A traveling knife salesman gets the chance to force a teacher who bullied him as a child to confess to the wrongs he committed, but when he is face to face with the man who destroyed his life his resolve deserts him and he is reduced to a stammering child once more.

Written by Brian Timmons

Directed by Graham Cantwell


Joe McKinney, Cain Williams, Aishling McLoughlin, Tommy O'Neill, Margaret Toomey, Jake Williams, Conor Timmons, Troy Gallagher nad Kali Williams

Running Time 13 Mins


 Borrowed Parts

October Eleven Pictures

This short film looks at sexually charged moments in the lives of a couple carrying on an illicit affair.

Written by Walter Wickes

Directed by Jason Figgis


Matthew Toman and Micaela Arruda

Running Time 10 Mins 


 Working It Out

PH Media in association with High Tower Pictures

'On the morning  of the anniversary of his wife's death, Duncan Pierce ventures to find renewed employment. What happens next are events no one predicted-except maybe his wife'

Written by Paul Heary and Kayode Bamgbose

Directed by Paul Heary


Shane Connolly, Margaritta Grillis,Laura Canavan, Kevin Currid and Diana Melo

Running Time 8 Mins 



Lamorna Films 

Where would any man go when looking for company, Male Company? Where better would you find wisdom and problem solving than the sanctuary of a Barber Shop? This Barber shop is unique and maybe women will finally get to find out some trade secrets or maybe they will find out something more!

Written by Roy Lecane, Don Field, Harry O'Gorman & Kieran O'Keefe

Directed by Roy Lecane & Don Field


Mick Moriarty, Harry Couch, Jack Scannell, Leonard Buckley, Kieran O'Keefe, Jim Manning, Paul O'Flynn, Paul Keohane, Irene Morrisey, Paul Lenihan, Ashley Keating, Rory Murphy, Ian Ricahrds, Jean Carlos, Eilish Couch, Bernadette Lynch, Torlac O'Reilly, Joey O'Gorman and Alan O'Gorman

Running Time 13 Mins


Reel Drama Ireland

The film follows characters with differing levels of difficult circumstances & backgrounds personally, although whom never previously met, we show how the lives of strangers can cross, interact, influence and affect each other, every day, in all walks of life.

Written and Directed by Karl Argue


Stephen Gibson, Rachel Moore, Ross O'Connor, David Hynes, Siobhan Hackett & Sean O'Brien

Running Time 9 Mins