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May Short Film Screening

May Monthly Screening
The Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire- Thursday May 5th at 8pm - Admission €6.00


Leave is a film about random events and their consequences; a film about how your life can change without warning.

Directed by Mike Hayes

Running Time 15 Mins

The Pigman

A strange half man half pig creature, the Pigman, shuffles home to his derelict house high up in the mountains. On his way he passes a local pub, full of life. Curious and eager to join in the Pigman is shunned and told to go home. One night alone in his mountainous home he comes across an incident which offers him an opportunity to change his position in society.

Directed by Rik Gordon

Running Time 17 Mins

Blue Shawl

As elderly couple, Arthur & Nora, do some last minute shopping, young Alex prepares for the performance of a lifetime 

Directed by MIke O'Dowd

Running Time 6 Mins

Alll Washed Up

Jonathon Renmore.an aging actor prepares for his last 'great' performance. Applying his make-up, he casts a jaundiced eye over the what was and the what might have been events of his life and career, and how they lead to this, his final performance.

Directed by Ivan McMahon

Running Time 22 Mins

The Last Frame

Two very different brothers both want to die. But, tonight in Dad's old snooker room, only one brother can win The Last Frame. Featuring Irma Mali.

Directed by John Dixon

Running Time 15 Mins


When 2 best friends are sent to Detention together their friendship is tested when the girl of both their dreams enters and sits between them. A short film made by K-Fest Director of film Neil Browne and Noel McElligott and the 2nd year students of the Killorglin Community College 2014 for K-fest Music and The Arts.

Directed by Neil Browne

Running Time 3 MIns

Can't Drink the Water by Suan

Music Video

Directed by James Fitzgerald

Running Time 3 Mins

Still Life

Still Life" is a short drama about a turning point in the lives of two people, a father and daughter, as they cope with dementia. In one struggles to maintain civility in the household, and as time runs out for the other, their relationship is put to the test one last time... The result of their journey is, for the first time in their lives, seeing, understanding, and appreciating the role each plays in the other's life.

Directed by Oisin MacCoille

Running Time 11 Mins

Happy Thoughts

Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster.  Inspired by J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Directed by Layke Anderson

Running Time 14 Mins