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May Screening

Underground Cinema Season 10 - Screening 5
Thursday May 16th at 730pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire - Admission €6.00

Sgt. Collins R.I.C.

Directed by David McCann
The Sargent and his men races against time to save the life of his commander.

Running Time 15 Mins

Postcards From a Crisis

Directed by Kathleen Harris
As the refugee crisis quietly continues, four artists from Clowns Without Borders Ireland visit Greece to perform for children living and waiting in camps and other temporary shelters

Running Time 15 Mins

Behind the Curtain

Directed by Robert Slattery 
Let Harry Gold take you through the steps to greatness. Your life will never be the same again.

Running Time 11 Mins

Lady Black Eyes

Directed by Niamh Heery
  Nora and Devon live in a bubble of electronic music, dance and intense young love in a tiny flat in Dublin city, until Devon announces to Nora that he’s found a figure from her past, who they set out to confront. As they drive along towards this unknown encounter, formerly cute love songs and funny quips make way for something darker. When they arrive, things get out of hand. Nora finds that bravery can be pushed out of the deepest cracks in a young woman’s confidence and it only takes a split second to take control of your own life.

Running Time 14 Mins

The Family Way

Directed by Nuno Bernardo
  A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer.
Mother and daughter Julia and Ruth get their pregnancy tests mixed up when they both hide them in the bathroom. They set out to discreetly buy pregnancy tests in their small Irish suburban town, but are thwarted at every turn, bumping into people they know. Word spreads and friends and neighbors turn up at their home to find out the 'news' from distressed dad Robert.

Running Time 9 Mins

Real Shame

Directed by Gwen O'Toole 
The theme of the film is shame and the main character is a closet cross dresser. By contrast, his son is very comfortable with who he is and has decided to pursue a career in musical theatre. The film centres around collecting the son's A level results. The father, who is a very successful surgeon, believes that his son is going to medical school up until this point. When his son arrives back with his results he has no choice but to tell his Dad the real plan. This ignites a shame reaction in the father. He is unable to support his son due to a deeply embedded sense of what you should and should not be/do. 
Running Time 13 Mins

Low Tide

Directed by Ian Hunt Duffy 
  A boy is excited about heading out to sea on a father-son fishing trip, but his father may have more sinister intentions.

Running Time 14 Mins

The Grey Area

Directed by Philip Nash
Never judge a book by its cover

Running Time 9 Mins

The Owl

Directed by Neil Winterlich
Nick arrives uninvited to his best friend’s birthday party, where he discovers why all have abandoned him.

Running Time 13 Mins

Scorched Earth

Directed by Ryan McDonnell
When John finds out his brother's secret, he must face a familiar moral question.

Running Time 12 Mins

The Space Between Us

Directed by Elaine Kennedy

The Space Between Us is a family based drama between three estranged siblings who are forced to reconnect when a tragedy occurs in their family. The story explores the wide range of emotions they have toward each other, present and past, and what their relationships will look like moving forward.

Running Time 9 Mins

Continental Breakfast

Directed by Alec Liddle
She feels guilty lying to her husband, but that hasn't stop Ella having an affair with another man. When her lover tells her he enjoys the deception, she begins to rethink the relationship.

Running Time  8 Mins