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April Screening

Underground Cinema Season IV - Screening VII
Thursday April 25th at 730pm in the Eblana Club - Admission  €6


Two police officers are on surveillance duty, waiting for a hostage negotiator to arrive. Ignoring the orders from his superiors, no-nonsense copper Derek "Fents" Fenterman reckons it's time the kidnapper was told a few home truths.

Directed by Simon O'Neill

Running Time 10 Mins

The Legend

A struggling playwright turns to whiskey and his idol, Arthur Miller to overcome writer’s block. When he meets a blonde bombshell in the local pub, he discovers real inspiration.

Written and Directed by Shannon Moncrief

Runnin Time


A witch clan gathers at the eighth birthday of the Fry family. At the same time it is started, the ritual will serve to kill his father, an abuser. But something will go wrong and the result will not be satisfactory ritual .

 Directed by Raul Cerezon

Running Time 13 Mins

In The Fade

'In the Fade' is a short thriller that tells the story of a crime through the eyes of the victim.

Written and Directed by Vincent McEntee

Running Time 6 Mins

Rosie Ryan Rides Again

The amazing story of Buddy ( Mickey ) O Toole€'s career in the film industry which started by chance in London in 1951. In Sept 2012 he returns to Dingle Co, Kerry where 43 years previously he had worked on David Leanâ€'s Academy award winning classic,€œ Ryans Daughter€. There he is reunited with some of his old friends from Dingle who also worked on the film. 

Written & Directed by Mick Daniels

Running Time 20 Mins

A Selfless Act

A Selfless Act is a short story about hope in humanity. A young wealthy businessman and an old down and out exchange a glance that could be a life changing moment.

Written and Directed by Daniel O'Connell

Running Time 6 Mins


A man recounts his father's life. A profound and bewitching short film about fatherhood and loss.

Written and Directed by Brian Harley

Running Time 15 Mins

Tit for Tat

After living in exile for 5 years, a middle aged taxi driver Pete re emerges.  He spends most of his every day observing and following a young boy named Mark, keeping a diary on Marks every move and meticulously studying his schedule and routine.  After Mark parents leave a sitter in charge of the house for the night, Pete finally gets his opportunity to pay Marrk  a visit.

Directed by Florence Ordesh

Running Time 15 Mins


A father and son share a conversation on a local bus journey, to the amusement of the other listening passengers.

Directed by Cathal Feeney

Running Time 

Goldfish Syndrome

Alley Ways (Music Video)

Directed by Patrick O'Shea

Running Time 3 Mins

Louise Killeen

Easy Talk (Music Video)

Directed by Stephen Brady

Running Time 3 Mins

We the People

What Say You (Music Video)

Directed by Paul Lynch

Running Time 4 Mins

Underground Cinema Has A New Location, The Eblana Club in Dun Laoghaire.  Directions Below

3 Eblana Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

From the Dart Station in Dun Laoghaire:

Leave the DART station and cross directly across the road.

Turn right at the Town Hall beside the traffic lights and walk up Marine Road.

Take the first turn right down Eblana Avenue and the Eblana Club is number 3 Eblana Avenue, which right beside the old Christian Brothers School.

From the bus stop on Marine Road (no's 7, 45A, 75 & 46A):

Cross directly acros the road and take the first left on Marine Road (its the road directly behind St Michaels Church) down Eblana Avenue.  As above its 3 Eblana Avenue.