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Quotes A remarkable talent-spotter, a champion of raw ambition, and the rarest breed of a gentleman, Dave Byrne is at the heart of a revolution and, though some of them don't know it yet, every future filmmaker and film lover is in that man's debt. The revolution will not be televised but it will be screened at Underground Cinema. Quotes
Terry McMahon - Filmmaker

Quotes After hearing great things about the Underground Cinema from colleagues I decided to find out more by submitting a film. Unlike many festivals where presskits, fees and long forms need to be sent, applying for a screening here was simply filling out a brief online form and posting off a DVD. The next day the main organiser Dave Byrne rung to say the film was accepted. I arrived on the night feeling nervous and although he was running behind schedule due to an unforeseen problem outside of his teams control, he had no problem spending time chatting to me which made me feel very much at ease there. Viewing the film with an audience and feedback during the Q&A directly resulted in some changes and ultimately a betterment of my film. Whether you want a cheap but entertaining night out, are interested in networking or are looking for somewhere for your work to be shown, premiered or tested, I would highly recommend checking this place out as it effortlessly does all three. Jason Mehlhorn Quotes

Quotes "Digital technology has opened up so many possibilities for filmmakers and that means more films are being made and paid for out of the filmmakers own pocket. An event to screen these films was sadly lacking until Underground Cinema was launched. Its monthly access programme means that it can continuously screen a higher volume of short films than any Irish festival and gain exposure for films that may never be screened at other annual festivals. It was an honour for me to submit a film to the inaugural event and have it watched by an audience and it will be an honour to submit my next short film to a future screening event. The entire concept is very professional and a great fusion of filmmaker and audience needs. Derek Wheeler Filmmaker Hethwheel Pictures Quotes
Derek Wheeler
Film Maker

Quotes "When I finished my latest film there was no question of where I wanted it to have its premiere. Underground Cinema truly is a grassroots organization, films by the people for the people, warts and all, from the guy with the camcorder and the laptop to the guy with the big budget and the crew, Underground Cinema will screen without prejudice. I love 'em!" Quotes
Ian Lawton - Director Reasonably Shorts

Quotes Underground Cinema is a fantastic environment for screenngs. I felt it gave me a chance to hear a real response and get some constructive feedback from regular cinema goers. The thing I appreciate most about the Underground Cinema experience is how people are not just looking for faults, but trying to find the positives and really root for every film. This creates a wonderful atmosphere Quotes
Chris Aylmer Producer/Actor

Quotes Underground cinema represents the rare opportunity for filmmakers on the more low budget end of the scale to have their work screened for a large audience and gain a level of feedback they could not anywhere else. For me the main point of making films is to watch my work with an audience and I loved the underground experience Quotes
Patrick Thompson - Director of Callback

Quotes Thank you underground cinema for giving me the opportunity to show my first film to an audience of great people who walk the same tough journey with me. Here's to more great opportunities to all involved. Quotes

Quotes I'm delighted the 'Underground' came about. Dave has done amazing work with it and the amount of filmmakers recieving screenings and promotion is just fantastic. Its a great place for meeting up and coming people as well as a mixture of experienced and established folk. I really hope it continues. Cathal Nally Producer/Director - Barbershop Triplet Productions Quotes

Quotes When you embark on making a movie, be it a short 3 minute 'epic' featuring your friends costing nothing but yours (and their time) or a feature length with an actual budget and possibly even 'catered food'.. ultimately both may find themselves in the same boat of struggling to get the flick seen by a wider audience than just friends and disinterested family members. This is why an outlet like Underground Cinema is so important. The opportunity to not only have your film viewed by other film makers and people interested in venturing beyond the local multiplex, but also to get feedback and interact with those people after the screening of your film. My experience at the night my short was shown not only helped me view the film in a different light (both positive and negative), seeing it for the first time from an audience's perspective, but also gave me additional confidence and encouragement to continue putting so much time into my low/no budget film making Quotes
21 Shot Productions

Quotes We were delighted to have one of our music videos premiere at Underground Cinema this March. It's great to have a place to showcase independent Irish films and especially independent music videos, which may rarely be seen outside of the internet. It's important to know that your films can be seen by a live audience on a big screen. Keep up the essential work, Underground Cinema! - Dara Moroney, Fake Dog Films Quotes
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