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2017 Nominees

The Clockmakers Dream

Best Film - Produced by Linhong Yang

Best Director - Cashell Horgan

Best Screenplay - Cashell Horgan

Best Editor - Cashell Horgan

Best Cinematography - Mark Waldron

Best Sound - Nikki Moss

Best Score - Michael Edwards

Best Production Design - Ger Wallace

Best Costumes - Tatsiana Coquerel

Best Make Up - Marina Granville, Kinga Ondrusova, Mags O'Neill & Blaithin Keary


Best Film - Produced by Ann O'Malley

Best Director - Brian Deane 

Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Gerard

Best Cinematographer - Russell Gleeson

Best Production Design - Conor Dennison

Best Score - George Kallis

Best Sound - Enos Desjardinas

Best Costumes - Giovanni Lipari

Best Make Up - Tom McInerney, Sonia Dolan & Ben Maguire


Best Film - Produced by Sharon Cronin

Best Director - Graham Cantwell

Best Screenplay - Graham Cantwell

Best Actress - Clara Harte

Best Supporting Actress - Amy Joyce Hastings

Best Supporting Actor - Dean Quinn

Best Make Up - Marina Granville


Best Film - Produced by Simon Doyle

Best Director - Directed by Ian Hunt Duffy

Best Actor - Moe Dunford

Best Supporting Actor - Steve Wall

Best Screenplay - Darach McGarrigle

Best Production Design - Mark Kilbride


Best Film - Produced by Claire O'Connell

Best Director - Shaun O'Connor

Best Actor - Frank Prendergast

Best Actress - George Hanover

Best Screenplay - Shaun O'Connor

Day Off

Best Actor - Joe Mullins

Best Actress - Dawn Bradfield

Best Supporting Actress - Joanne Ryan

Best Score - Samantha Van Der Sluis

Rising Star Award - Stephen Hall for Direction

Neolithic Patchwork Quilt

Best Actor - Sean Murphy

Best Screenplay - Paul Heary

Best Sound - Simon Murphy

Best Production Design - Alex Graham

Best Editor - Paul Heary


Best Comedy - Directed by Brian O'Neill 

Best Supporting Actor - Peter O'Byrne

Best Editor - Brian O'Neill 

Best Sound - Arran Faye 

Best Score - Kevin O'Brien

They Make You Grow A Beard

Best Comedy - Directed by Anthony Kinsella

Best Supporting Actor - Paul Quinn Jnr

Best Editor - Anthony Kinsella

Best Cinematography - Ismael Diarra

Marky's Bad Week

Best Actor - Thomas Dunne

Best Supporting Actress - Caoilfhionn Dunne

Best Comedy - Directed by Daniel Homwood

Best Costume - Sophie Weir


Best Sound - Paul Rowland

Best Score - George Kallis


Best Actress - Sue Walsh

Best Supporting Actress - Kojii Helwein

Rising Star Award - Nicolas Courdouan


Best Editor - Shane Callan

Best Costume - Sailéog O'Halloran

Closing Time

Best Supporting Actor - Shane Robinson

Best Make Up - Michael Browne


Best Cinematography

Patrick Jordan


Best Cinematographer 

 Miguel Angel Vinas

Somewhere in the Past

Best Costume

Mara Stort Bolognese

The Curse

Best Production Design  Ceola McGowan

Wounded Ella

Best Make Up

Emma Carroll

The Betrayal

Best Actress

Kamila Dydyna

Best Music Video


by The Vincents

Directed by Paul Lynch

Best Music Video

Despondency by 

Kingdom of Crows

Directed by Greg Byrne

Best Music Video

Grace by 

Train Room

Directed by Patrick Murphy

Best Music Video

Henry McCullough by

BP Fallon & David Holmes

Directed by Alan Leonard

Best Music Video

White Lies by Van Archer

Directed by Stephanie Desmond

Best International Music Video

Vampire Love by Nock & Anna Lee

Directed by Vera Kuznetsova

Origin: Spain

Best International Music Video 

Island's Eye 

Directed by Ivan Nurchis

Origin: Switzerland

Best International Music Video 
Fun Fun Boogie by Big Mountain Country
Directed by Sebastiano Greco
Origin: Italy

Best International Music Video 

Nameless Lands by Sheriff

Directed by Olivier Tenier

Origin: France

Best International Music Video 
Meteora by Moostroo
Directed by Francesco Pontiggia
Origin: Italy

Best Online Film

Directed by Ferdicia D'Ignoti

Best Online Film

Directed by Ian Lapworth

Best Online Film

Directed by Jessica Hayden

Best Online Film

Directed by Bahadir Karasu

Best Online Film

Directed by Heather Grogan

Best Student Film


Directed by Sean Wrenn

Best Student Film


Directed by Orlaith D'Arcy

Best Student Film


Directed by Emma Jackson & Igor Osipov

Best Student Film


Directed by Mark Dollard

Best Student Film


Directed by Ryan Darnell

Best Student Film


Directed by Alannah Murray

Best International Film

Emerald City

Directed by Scott Coffey

Origin: USA

Best International Film

Black Ring

Directed by Hasan Can Dagli

Origin: Turkey

Best International Film

Just Saying

Directed by Nick Reed

Origin: UK

Best International Film

The Last One

Directed by Andrea Banjanin

Origin: UK

Best International Film

Oor Wally

Directed by Martin Lennon

Origin: UK

Best International Film


Directed by Branko Tomovic

Origin: UK

Rising Star Award

Be Frank

Directed by Chiara Viale

Rising Star Award

Day Off

Stephen Hall

Rising Star Award
Directed by Sinead O'Loughlin

Rising Star Award


Directed by Nicolas Courdouan

Rising Star Award

Sheered Malice: The Raven Diaries

Directed by Jennifer Warren

Rising Star Award

A Terrible Hullabaloo

Directed by Ben O'Connor

Best Comedy

Drop The Hand

Directed by Simon O'Neill

Best Comedy

Inanimate Affair

Directed by Jessica Hayden

Best Comedy


Directed by Brian O'Neill

Best Comedy

Marky's Bad Week

Directed by Daniel Holmwood

Best Comedy

They Make You A Grow Beard

Directed by Anthony Kinsella


Tickets for the 8th Underground Cinema Award are priced at €70.  Tickets include 4 course dinner, awards ceremony and after show party.  Dress code is smart casual