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2013 Library

October Screening

All Around the Town, The Dead Story, Out of the Blue, Its a Wonderful Death, Undead, Window, He Moved Through the Fair, Bad Karma, Two Margaritas and one Daiquiri, The Arrival, Oddity, & Dead Tiger

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December Screening

Uisce Beatha, Tiger, Prodigal Son, The Listener, Kara, Fireworks, Text Messages Hurt More When Your Sitting at the Airport, Falling, Masterpiece & The Reunion 

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January Screening

Contagious, Horror School Reunion, Silent Agony, The Date, ROFLMAO, Foxes, Who's There, The Adventure Diaries & Unheard

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February Screening

Curiosity Kills, Baptism of Fire, Sylvia, On Our Way, Small Gifts, Spare Change, When bart6874 met lulu5547, Ode, For God and Ulster, Through his Eyes & Death Can Wait

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March Screening

Tell Me About Yourself, Vienna, The Duel, What Stigma?, Rubiks Cube Terror, A House of Cards, The Guru of Joy, Babyboots & Connection

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April Screening

Coppers, The Legend, Ocho, In the Fade, Roisie Ryan Rides Again, A Selfless Act, Eventide, Tit for Tat,Oh Alleyways, Easy Talk & What Say You

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May Screening

Redline, Garda Confidential, My Life With Me In It, We Are Dublin, Ghostriders, Rest My Bones, Romantic Hideaway, Superparanormal, Research Squad, Un Peu Plus, Clumsy, The Interview & Voodoo

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June Screening

Against the Wall, Grosvenor Square, 6 Degrees of (Limb) Separation, Son Rise, Vanner, Luna, Nemesis, Not Tonight Lads, The Way Through, Razorblades and Ashtrays, The Gathering, Go, The Gloaming & Forgiving Amy

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July Screening

Anna, Runner, The Job, The Note, Toy Soldiers, Diane, The Handsome Shadows, Coming Out, Alicia's Mask, Papercuts & Out There

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