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2012 Library


Bad Reception, Kiss Kiss, Holidays, Papas Boy, Martin, Dutch Darkness, Breaking News, The Shed & Guiltfish

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Timeless Man, The Pride of Wade Ellison, Prey, 3epkano - Smiling Politely, Rosebud, Rose, For the Kids, A Taxing Night & Happy Family

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Mass, In So Many Words, Nude, Untitled, Walt, Sin é & Cold Kisses

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Withdrawal, Promised Land, Black Mess, Sports Day, Spoon, Danny, Lilly the Toaster, One for the Road & Love Me Longer

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Ursulas New Job, The First Fireworks, Man on a Hill, Nuts, Killer Instinct, The Road of Souls & Last Sunday

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March Special Award Winners Screening

No Justice, 43 (yonju-san), The Euthaniser, The Moment, Unlocking Charlie, Heart, The Shadowboxer, Hamster Heaven The Situation Is

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True D, No Messages, Shiloh, Bogman, Past Pupil, Borrowed Parts, Working it Out, Patience & Fallen

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Scrap. The Hatch, Belles Present, Hyena, Fairycatcher, Within Lonliness, Area 51, Searching for Ten, Impetuous, Isolation, The Proposal, Sparrow and the Wolf

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Unspoken, The Dark Room, No Comment, Yell (ow), Communion Day, A Fistful of Lies, You and Me, Flippin The Bird, The Brutal Here and Now, Imbalance, Oz, City Skippers, Loss & The Game

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Partly Cloudy, When Life Gives You Lemons, Through, Shellshock, The Wedding Planners, A Scare Less Ordinary, The Boy in the Bubble, Rapunzul The Blonde Years, For Sarah, Aftermath, Dark Side of the Lens, The Underground, Give it Back, Taryn Barker, My Fathers Son, Silicone Poppers, Lefty Lucy & Cheer Up

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