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2011 Winners

Underground Cinema Award Winners 2011




A ruling class sociopath kills a working class girl in a hit and run and uses a deck of playing cards to determine his fate.

A Clockwork Orange meets American Psycho in an uncompromising look at our corrupted times, Charlie Casanova is the personification of that small seedy group of people who had it all, threw it all away, and decided to blame the working class.


 Unlocking Charlie

Agro Films

When his worst fears come knocking, an agoraphobic man's love for the girl next door is put to the ultimate test.

Written and Directed by Stephen Crilly

Starring - Tom Maguire, Grace Kelley, Dayleigh Nelson and Clyde Mowlds

Running Time 10 Mins




Crossing Salween

Redrage Films

In Karen State, Eastern Burma, 9 year old Ko Reh finds herself orphaned after the masacre of her village by the Burmese Army.  Befriending a mysterious hunter named Dante, who made a promise to her father's soul that he would take her to safety, Ko Reh and Dante make the periless journey across her troubled homeland in search freedom beyond the River Salween.

Written & Directed by Brain O'Malley


Ronnachai Mai Wijitto, Thanawut Dum Kedsaro and Danai Tung Thiengtham

Running Time 2o Mins



Barbershop Triplet Productions 

When a husband and wife are on the brink of destruction due to her physical abuse and depression. Someone suffers.

Written by Gerry Shanahan & Directed by Cathal Nally


Una Kavanagh, Gerry Shanahan, Brian Fortune & Ciara Bailey

Running Time 25 Mins




Remember Me

RML Films

Remember Me tells the story of a woman being stalked by a man
who feels he has good reason for tracking her down.
Written and Directed by Rita Marie Lawlor
Johnny Elliott, Melissa Nolan, Liam McMahon, Miah Ni Nuallain, Joe Rooney, Rory Mullen, Robyn Keogh, Shanno Walsh, Shane Kennedy, Sarah Mulligan, Andie McCaffrey Byrne & Philip Francis Dean
Running Time 30 Mins


The Situation Is

RM Films

Jack and Charlie are two small time crooks sent to deliver a package to a certain location.  On arrival they make a discovery which changes the circumstances drastically.  Lack of communication leads to clumsiness and confusion which culminate in a struggle to complete the easiest of tasks- a delivery!

Directed by Robbie Hamilton




Chris Aylmer, Matthew Mcpherson, Elizabeth Twells, and Paul McPherson


Running Time 8 Mins


The Moment

SAD Mantra Productions

A visual telling of the final ten minutes of a mans life.  There are many obvious reasons why he seems unwilling to reinquish his life, however, his only motivation is the undying love between he and his wife.

Written & Directed by Paddy Slattery


Eamon Rohan, Claire Hilary, Mairin O'Donovan and Daniel J Dunne

Running Time 9 Mins


The Shadow Boxer

A Reel Deal Studios Production

Professional competition tests the friendship of two rival boxers.
Written and Directed by David O'Neill
Terry  O'Neill, Caroline Harvey, Graham Earley, Lloyd Cooney, John Shevlin &  Philip J. Russell
Running Time 14 Mins



An Táin - Darkness Descends

A Phoenix Artz Production  

War, jealousy, love. These are the strengths the weaknesses of all

mankind. The strengths of CúChulainn the hound of Ulster, the

weakness of Ferdia. The love of Fiona. And the evil jealousy’s of

Queen Mebh of Connacht.

Based on the Irish mythological story “The cattle raid of Cooley” from the book “AnTáin”. The evil Queen Mebh, fueled with jealousy of her King-Husband’s most coveted possession, the mighty “White Bull of Connacht”. She journeys to Ulster, to the land of Macha, home of CúChulainn, to bargain for an even mightier bull, “The Brown Bull of Ulster”. Will she succeed? And what evil deeds, mind games and dark temptations will Queen Mebh do to gain that which she most desires!

Written and Directed by Noel Brady


Linda Teehan, Ciaran O'Grady, Richard Wall, Diane Jennings, Gerry Wade & John Smyth

Running Time 16 Mins



The Painter Upstairs 

A Rooftopbasement Film

A visual study of a painter's dark year in the Midlands.

Written and Directed by Gar Daly

Narated by Seymor Kenny

Running Time 11




Music Video by Stand

Design For Life

Directed by Simon Daniels

Running Time 3 Mins



Forty Foot

Whackala Films

Forty Foot is about the older groups of mostly Irish locals who swim in Sandycove every day.  The film tells the history of the place through the personal stories and characteristics of the featured swimmers.  More than a film about them braving the elements everyday, this is a film about having a great and surprising spirit in the face of aging, death and economic hardship.  It shows a classless section of older Irish nationals in a refreshing, encouraging and a completely unknown light to foreign eyes.


Directed by Paul McGrath



Hamster Heaven

Pillarstone Productions 

Two hamsters. One Cage. She is sleepy. He is concerned and when she is gone he goes to find her.

Written & Directed by Paul Bolger

Running Time 3 Mins



The Legend of Effin Eddie

A Mick Daniels Film

Eddie Moroney while suffery from the mother and father of all hangovers gave the commentary of his life at the Tipperary Under 21 football final between his beloved Aherlow and Eire og Nenagh in 1993.

This is the amazing true story of a hilarious GAA match commentary which became famous worldwide selling thousands of match tapes and DVD's. 


Directed by Mick Daniels

Running Time 26 Mins


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